We Can't Look Away From The Horrifying Coronation Sausage Finger Sandwiches

King Charles III's coronation ceremony will have more than its fair share of pageantry, and not just in Westminster Abbey and at the surrounding parade. The festivities have already reached the homes of Brits who are celebrating the day with an array of not-so-delightful looking edible creations including something called "Coronation sausage finger sandwiches," which are just as appealing as they sound (via NY Post).

Sure, some of you might be imagining the dainty finger sandwiches you've seen the characters of "Downton Abbey" eat at high tea, but you'd be wrong. The "sausage" part should tip you off that you're dealing with something far darker. The coronation-themed ​hors-d'oeuvre pays homage to the former Prince of Wales' now-famous "sausage fingers," which have been the subject of everything from medical speculation to full-on roasts. Since social media has latched on to the monarch's distinctive fingers, some have even joked that he's recently hidden them in official pictures and plans to do so at tomorrow's ceremony. But a creative cook depicted them in a way we can't unsee.

Whether it was a jab, a loving homage to their king, or something in between, the creator of the sandwiches spared no detail when crafting their edible art. The sandwich, which takes the shape of two hands reaching around the plate, appears to be primarily composed of bread with five weisswurst sausage " fingers" protruding from each half. One finger is adorned with a cheese ring and cuffs, plus cherry tomato cufflinks.

When will it end?

At this point, it feels like England is rage-baiting the U.S. with food-related social media posts. After two centuries, the Revolutionary War seemingly continues. Perhaps America's national pastime, after baseball, has become making fun of British cuisine. It's hard to imagine how the architect of this sausage-y horror thought they would escape without scrutiny from across the pond. That said, the other royal-themed delicacies look a little tastier. These include an unflattering King Charles pizza (complete with sauce-filled ears), cakes, and cookies.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, King Charles has been reluctantly accepted as the country's royal figurehead. The May 6 event makes him the 40th monarch crowned since the beginning of the ceremony in 1066. While many might mock Charles and the monarchy he represents, the king's approval numbers remain stable overall. No matter what side of the fence certain food artists fall on, they apparently appreciate having fun at the big guy's expense. If this comes in the form of a monstrosity of a sandwich – which we can only hope is more for laughing at than eating – so be it. However horrifying it may be, the unappetizing sausage-fingers appetizer is another example of Brits flexing their sense of humor.