Yes, Oscar Mayer Once Released An Album About Eating Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are commonly associated with a day at the ballpark or relishing (pun intended) in the company of others at a backyard cookout. Oftentimes, these leisurely occasions are enhanced with upbeat, celebratory, or relaxing music that enlivens the atmosphere. Now, imagine flipping through the dusty vinyl at your local antique shop and stumbling upon a disc entitled, "Music to Eat Oscar Mayer Wieners By." Absurd? Maybe. Oddly specific? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely.

Well, this niche occurrence is a definite possibility, as this title geared toward munching on frankfurters is indeed very real. In 1971, world-famous hot dog brand Oscar Mayer released a limited release LP of six songs, all from different genres including classical, Latin, jazz, folk, country, and pop. The songs include "Tijuana," "Dixie," "Bossa Nova," "Gary and the Hornets," "Mo Town," and "Country and Western."

But how did this novelty dedicated to sausage enthusiasts even come to be? People have Oscar Mayer's advertising agency at the time, J. Walter Thompson, to thank for this offbeat marketing campaign. JWT is also responsible for giving rise to the brand's beloved jingle, "The Wiener Song," best known by its first line: "I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Wiener."

There's more to the Oscar Mayer album than marketing

Perhaps this Oscar Mayer wiener-inspired album was designed to be more than just a fun marketing ploy. After all, science has shown how music has a much greater impact on us as we feast on our favorite foods than we may initially have thought. In fact, it's believed that listening to music while eating can actually make food taste better. In 2014, University of Oxford researchers examined how different tunes affect various foods' flavors, as well as the overall dining experience. Charles Spence, the renowned gastrophysicist who led the study, told NPR that sound has the power to affect texture and taste. This "multi-sensory food perception," as the team calls this phenomenon, has to do with the fact that our senses are constantly working together. The specific sounds we hear — for example, while indulging in a fancy steakhouse ribeye with an elegant piano in the background, noshing on carnival cotton candy to the tune of circus ditties, or, of course, devouring hot dogs wherever we may be — play a major role in our satisfaction.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, consumers weren't the only ones who had the chance to enjoy melodies that celebrated their love of encased meats. A few years prior in 1967, there was "Music To Sell Oscar Mayer Wieners By."