A Can Of Coca-Cola Is Being Sold For Over $300,000

How much would you be willing to pay for one can of soda? A can of Coca-Cola is currently up for sale on eBay for $347,000. And no, it is not diamond-encrusted or made of gold, and it doesn't transform into a private jet that can transport you around the world. So what makes this particular Coke can worth a triple-figure payout? Well, its value is probably most well discerned by the eye of the distinguished can collector.

This specific can is described as an original factory error that is empty-sealed, unopened, and untouched. The extreme rarity of the factory error contributes to the lofty price tag, as it is noted in the description that only a few cans like it are known to exist in the world. Still, that seems like a profligate use of money for a decorative piece to line your mantle, but it's not the only soda can out there that has been listed on online marketplace sites for exorbitant sums.

Factory error in your favor

Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop, but according to rarest.org, another type of pop associated with his 1993 "Dangerous" tour — unopened cans of Pepsi created especially for the occasion — eventually became a collectible. A combination of its rarity and historical connection to the tour and the larger-than-life figure of Michael Jackson lent it a price tag of $2,500. Some soda cans, like fine wine, just get better (and more expensive) with age. TheRichest, which covers the wealth and luxurious lifestyles of the people who can afford to drop thousands or hundreds of thousands on a collector's item soda can, references three rare vintage Pepsi cans from the 1950s that sold for just shy of $6,000.

Additionally, other unopened mint condition factory error cans, including one that features the 2014 Brazil World Cup logo, have been offered on eBay for $281,000. Articles have even been written that urge the public to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for factory error cans, advising them to save empty cans of Coke that are filled with pressure but little to no liquid as something that could potentially fetch a handsome sum from serious collectors. Who knows, you just might find your golden ticket one day.