Why Twitter Is Freaking Out Over An Oddly Shaped Coke Can

We know what you're thinking. What could Twitter be freaking out about that involves a can of Coca-Cola? Did someone find the name of some K-pop singer on a can in their local supermarket? Did someone demonstrate a new way of drinking Coke that involves crushing the can like Popeye the Sailor does with spinach cans? All very good guesses, but the actual answer to why Twitter is fixating on Coca-Cola lies in the unexpected design of some soda cans.

A Twitter user by the name of Charlotte posted an image of her Diet Coke, showing that rather than having a tab ring, her can instead had a completely smooth aluminum top. What Charlotte has, put simply, is a sealed aluminum can filled with diet soda, something that she refers to as a "can't of soda." Other users were shocked to see that such a thing could even exist, let alone make it out onto the shelves for someone to purchase.

"Bite into it like it's a crunchy metallic caffeinated apple," recommended Twitter user Disappointed Optimist. Other users had jokes, too, claiming the soda was now "very diet" and calling it "Schroedinger's Can."

But how often do these types of things happen? According to The Takeout, these "factory errors" are rare enough to earn those who save them a small fortune from collectors. What other sorts of factory errors exist, and are there any other "Schroedinger's Cans" like Charlotte's?

Coca Cola factory errors are rare, but valuable

As The Takeout explained, finding Coke cans with "factory errors" might seem like a let-down, but can lead to a good chunk of change for the "lucky" customer. While you may assume that this is just over-exaggeration, considering no one would seemingly pay for a weird-looking can, there have indeed been cases of people receiving hefty payouts from finding a weird can of Coke.

According to Delishably, a TikTok user by the name of Alice Prism also encountered a "flat" can of Coke, just as Charlotte on Twitter did. Commenters told Prism to not toss the can, as it would be a very valuable keepsake one day. However, not everyone agrees. A Reddit user on the subreddit r/CocaCola claimed to have found a sealed but totally empty can of Coke and asked if it was possible to sell it online. Strangely, comments claimed that selling the can was a pointless endeavor.

"Here we go again. It's worthless," said one user. "None of the ones on ebay for thousands have ever actually sold. Call the number on the can and report it to the Quality Manager." Another user even claimed that the best thing one would get for such a can would be a free replacement pack of soda. Perhaps some of the most valuable Coke items out there aren't factory errors, but some of the most spectacular failures from Coca-Cola that fizzed out of existence after only a short time.