The Best Comfort Foods You Can Buy At Costco

There's perhaps nothing better than a heaping plate of comfort food when you're feeling down, under the weather, or just particularly lazy. There's nothing better, that is, except if you don't have to make it yourself. For anyone looking to grab a warm, filling, and wholesome meal that hits all the spots, Costco provides an array of delicious pre-made comfort food options.

The wholesale club giant is loved for its tried-and-true selection of frozen items, deli options, pre-cooked family meals, and bakery fare, meaning Costco shoppers can find just about any comfort food they wish. From the infamous in-house roasted rotisserie chicken to pre-made pasta bakes large enough to feed the entire family, Costco is a one-stop shop for cozy dishes that are low-effort and tasty. Fans love the generous portions as much as they love the bargain prices, and shoppers can always try before they buy by grabbing a taste test of particular items from the club's sample carts.

We've rounded up the best of the best from Costco's comfort food options so you can pick a yummy meal that's right for your mood any day of the week. Simply swing by your local Costco or place an order through a delivery service and enjoy as many servings of the warehouse club's comfort dishes as you want. Don't worry, you're sure to still have leftovers.

Costco's inventory and pricing may vary by store or season, and the prices listed are as of May 2023.

Costco's rotisserie chicken is inexpensive and extremely versatile

We could not talk about Costco or comfort food without talking about the most famous item of all — rotisserie chicken. The poultry dish is an affordable and delicious time saver when you need to get a meal on the table quickly. There's just something about a slow-roasted whole chicken with crispy skin on the outside and tender juicy meat on the inside that screams comfort food.

At less than $6 at most Costco stores, this bird is large enough to easily feed a family of four. Whether you choose to eat it with delicious sides like mashed potatoes and vegetables or prefer to strip the chicken off the bone and use it in everything from tacos to chicken salad, everyone will be satisfied. Fans can use the meat in tacos, sandwiches, soups, nachos, and much more. In addition, when the meal is over, the carcass can serve as a great starter for homemade chicken stock, a comfort food must-have for stews and soups. Multiple meals and gallons of homemade stock? Talk about a deal for less than $6.

People go crazy for Costco's rotisserie chicken noodle soup

Although it's not available year-round or at every Costco, shoppers at locations that stock it are pretty obsessed with the store's chicken noodle soup. At a whopping 64 ounces, the soup is a classic, savory, homestyle dish that evokes nostalgia as much as it fills you up. The brothy soup has large chunks of Costco's famous rotisserie chicken, wide noodles, and tons of hearty veggies like carrots and celery. The result is a hunger-busting dish that packs all the protein you need, especially when you're feeling unwell.

Fans of the soup praise not only its flavor but its price and convenience. For around $10 to $15, the soup is more than enough for a small family, especially if you add sides like crackers or bread, which are also available in Costco aisles.

Though buying fresh soup in bulk may seem like a bad idea, especially if you're in a one or two-person household, soup lovers share their hacks for extending its life. Simply place it in containers or freezer bags in your ideal portion size and freeze it. Then you can reheat the soup whenever you want. Best of all, buying in bulk and freezing means you can have delicious, fresh soup anytime you're feeling sick and not up for making dinner.

The seasonal chicken pot pie is a hearty meal to heat up

When the weather cools down in the fall, one comfort food dish reigns supreme. A warm, flaky, creamy chicken pot pie has everything you need to fill up and feel good on a blustery day. However, to make a chicken pot pie from scratch you've got to have an abundance of time, patience, and know-how, especially if you want to nail the perfect pie crust. Luckily, Costco has you covered with its large, ready-to-bake Kirkland Signature chicken pot pies.

Complete with a tender and flaky crust as well as a thick filling made with chicken, peas, carrots, and classic chicken pot pie gravy, this all-in-one meal is massive (each pie weighs up to 5 pounds!) and enough to feed the whole family. The catch is that the Kirkland Signature chicken pot pie is only available during the fall, meaning shoppers have to patiently wait all spring and summer. However, the consensus among chicken pot pie fans is that it's worth the wait.

When autumn rolls around, head to your local Costco to grab a chicken pot pie from the prepared food section. Refrigerate it until a couple of hours before you're ready to eat and simply heat it according to the package instructions. The result is a flaky and creamy comfort dish that tastes even better because you didn't have to spend all day in the kitchen making it yourself.

Frozen pizza is an excellent item to have on standby

Is there anything better than pizza when you're hungry and not up for cooking an entire meal? Moreover, is there anything that's more of a crowd-pleaser? Having a few frozen pizzas on hand can be a lifesaver for busy families and individuals who like good, comforting food without all the time and effort. They're easy to make, store for a long time in the freezer, and are filling either on their own or along with a salad.

Costco is well-known for its massive frozen foods section, which includes Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas. The pies are offered in a wide variety of crust styles, flavors, and sizes, perfect for any type of craving you may have. Choose between options like a thin-crust pepperoni pizza topped with loads of pepperoni and cheese or a regular-style cheese pizza complete with a breadcrumb crust and multiple types of cheese. The pizzas come in a 4-count package for around $17, which works out to about $4 to $5 per pie, a bargain compared to other grocery store frozen pizzas.

Costco's mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food

One of the best comfort foods around is macaroni and cheese. Soft noodles mixed with a thick and creamy cheese sauce make for the ultimate combination of nostalgia and yumminess. No matter your age, mac and cheese is a filling meal that always hits the spot. It's no wonder that Costco's made-in-house macaroni and cheese is one of the warehouse club's most popular items. This pre-made dish is ready to bake straight from the store, as it comes in a convenient foil pan.

Found in the refrigerated deli area, this meal can feed up to six family members at once or you can portion it out and heat individual servings throughout the week. Priced per pound, the macaroni and cheese costs around $15, depending on your location and the portion size. The flavor is mild, with no one cheese standing out more than the others. This makes it a great choice for families with kids, picky eaters, or anyone with an aversion to strong, pungent cheeses.

Shoppers like to enjoy macaroni and cheese as a main course or served with other Costco staples like a rotisserie chicken. You can even customize the dish by adding ingredients like chopped bacon, veggies, additional cheeses, or different seasonings. And if you want to tell everyone it's homemade, your secret is safe with us.

Costco offers a 3-pound frozen lasagna that's a crowd-pleasing meal

Typically, serving lasagna for dinner is an hours-long labor of love. However, Costco shoppers have found that the store's frozen Kirkland Signature Italian sausage and beef lasagna is a tasty and heartwarming dinner that is on the table in less than an hour. Customers love that the pre-made lasagna offers all the fillingness and flavors of a homemade meal without the cost, time, or effort usually associated with the classic comfort food. You can easily bake the dish in the oven for around and hour or cook it more quickly in an air fryer or microwave.

Costco's lasagna is made with 100% USDA choice-grade ground beef chuck, vine-ripened tomatoes, whole milk ricotta, and mozzarella cheese. It goes great with salad, garlic bread, vegetables, and much more. At just under $20 for two 3-pound pans, the Kirkland Signature Italian sausage and beef lasagna is a true comfort food steal.

Taco Tuesday is made easy with Costco's street taco kit

Tacos can be a very easy dinner to put together or they can be more complicated. It depends on the meat you're making, what toppings you want to include, and whether you want to go homemade when it comes to sauces, salsas, and guacamole. However simple or complicated the meal, tacos are always a comforting and delicious way to end the day. They offer a punch of flavor in a compact form and pair amazingly with anything from chips and guacamole to rice and beans.

The easiest way to put together a taco night comes from Costco. The Kirkland Signature taco kit is a pre-made dinner complete with corn and flour tortillas, seasoned and pre-cooked chicken, Mexican-style cheese, fresh veggies, and two sauces — a tomato salsa and a cilantro lime crema. The kit even includes lime wedges so you can squeeze fresh lime juice on top. The ingredients are kept separate on the tray so that everyone can make their own tacos to their liking.

The street taco kit is priced per pound, and depending on where you're shopping you're looking at around $17 to $18 for the package. The tray of ingredients makes twelve small tacos, so it can feed up to four people.

Costco's fresh-baked, all-butter croissants are a must

One word — butter. That's the key ingredient you'll find in Costco bakery's Kirkland Signature croissant, a flaky and delicate pastry that is packed with flavor. These soft yet crunchy delights feel like a very special treat, but they're a bargain at around $7 for a dozen, depending on your Costco location.

There's just something very comforting about having a warm croissant with butter alongside your breakfast instead of plain toast or a bagel. Imagine smearing some jam or chocolate hazelnut spread on a halved croissant as a sweet treat. What's not to love about that?

Shoppers agree that Costco's butter croissants are well-baked and akin to the quality of a fancy Parisian bakery rather than a local warehouse club. Whether eaten on their own, used as the base for a delectable breakfast sandwich, or used in unique recipes like "croiffles," a croissant waffle made by placing a sugar-tossed croissant in a waffle iron until the outside is crispy, Costco croissants are sure to the fill the pastry void.

Frozen meatballs from Costco can be used in a variety of comforting meals

Costco is the perfect store if you're looking to buy large quantities of staple items to use in multiple ways. In addition to the wide selection of shelf-stable pantry items, many shoppers find that Costco's frozen inventory is ideal for bulk buying, provided you have the freezer space. 

Enter Costco's Kirkland Signature Italian-style meatballs. High in protein, low in carbs, and packed full of flavor, these frozen meatballs can be divvied up into whatever portion size you need at a moment's notice. Since they are fully cooked, all you need to do is heat them up in a skillet, oven, or microwave and you've got the protein portion for your next meal sorted out.

Costco shoppers appreciate that the Italian herb-flavored meatballs come without a sauce, meaning they can be customized to whatever meal you're making. For example, make a classic and comforting bowl of spaghetti and meatballs by simmering the meat with a jar of your favorite pasta sauce. Served with pasta and a salad, it makes for a quick and delicious meal. Other popular uses for Costco's meatballs include using them in sandwiches and tossing them in different sauces to serve as an appetizer or a main meal protein with mashed potatoes, rice, or vegetables.

Find Costco's chicken enchilada bake in the prepared food section

Enchiladas are the perfect comfort food: warm, flavorful, and cheesy. Not to mention, they're incredibly filling, especially when served with rice, beans, or vegetables. Costco makes having an enchilada dinner easier than ever with its chicken enchilada bake. Found in the prepared food or deli section of the warehouse club, the enchilada bake is made with Costco's signature rotisserie chicken, tortillas, enchilada sauce, beans, peppers, rice, and, of course, cheese. Think of the satisfying dish as a casserole made with enchilada ingredients. 

As with all other items available at Costco, the enchilada bake is huge, topping around 4 pounds. The dish is sold by the pound and averages about $25 to $30 depending on your location. This meal can easily feed a family, and pairing it with budget-friendly sides like a bagged salad makes for an affordable comfort classic.

Stuffed bell peppers are easier than ever when purchased from Costco's deli

For a comforting yet healthy meal, stuffed bell peppers are a great choice. They offer a large serving of protein while also packing in the veggies, and they're full of flavor. But let's be honest, preparing the dish from scratch can be time consuming — and that's assuming you even have fresh produce on hand when it's time to make dinner. That's what makes Costco's made-in-store stuffed bell peppers such a great go-to when you're craving a comforting yet health-conscious meal.

Available in the warehouse club's pre-made meals section, this tray of stuffed bell peppers features six halves filled with a hefty portion of rice, cheese, and seasoned ground beef. The dish is conveniently packaged in a foil tray, meaning you can easily pop it in the oven to heat up whenever you're ready. Some shoppers note the stuffed bell peppers are a little on the spicy side, but others think the Mexican-inspired flavors are just right. Consumers typically find that the peppers themselves stay flavorful and crispy and don't get overly soggy when baked.

The stuffed bell peppers are priced per pound and each tray averages around $18 to $22 depending on the size as well as the location you're shopping at.

Costco's made-in-store chicken salad is a fresh and filling addition to any meal

Comfort food looks a little different in the spring and summer, but it's no less delicious than fall and winter classics. Chicken salad is a warm-weather comfort dish that helps you stay cool in the hotter months while also enjoying heaps of flavor and a bit of nostalgia. For those looking to get their fix without the effort of making it themselves, Costco offers a tasty and pre-made chicken salad in its prepared foods section.

The chicken salad is made with Costco's moist rotisserie chicken meat as well as a traditional chicken salad base of mayonnaise, celery, onion, and spices. It's a convenient solution to busy days as it can be stored in the fridge and pulled out any time you're hungry. Chicken salad is great with leafy greens, as a sandwich filling, a topping for crackers, or just on its own by the spoonful.

At around $6 to $8 per pound, the Kirkland Signature rotisserie chicken salad is an affordable way to keep something hearty on hand for the entire family to snack on throughout the week. It's also the perfect item to bring to a picnic or barbecue. A typical tray of chicken salad weighs around 2.5 pounds, so there's plenty to go around.

For the ultimate comfort food dinner, grab a tray of meatloaf with mashed potatoes

Some of the key qualities of a comfort food dish are its heartiness and ability to evoke emotions like nostalgia and coziness. A meal of veggies, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes offers all of this and more, especially since it was a staple meal of many childhoods. But making these classics requires planning, time, and a tried-and-true recipe. For those wanting to get their comfort fix quickly, head to Costco to grab a tray of ready-made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

The Kirkland Signature meatloaf with Yukon gold mashed potatoes is offered in the warehouse club's deli or prepared food section. The meatloaf comes in a tray topped with a tomato-based sauce, separate from the buttery mashed potatoes. The packaging makes it ideal for reheating without mixing the flavors together. Although nothing compares to home-cooked, Costco's version of meatloaf and potatoes is a great way to serve a comforting dinner with little effort.

The meatloaf and mashed potatoes tray is priced per pound and on average costs around $20. Not bad for a meal that feeds up to four people with extra vegetables on the side. Best of all? The meal is ready in a little over an hour in the oven and in mere minutes when reheated in the microwave.

Make pasta night easy with Costco's chicken Alfredo pasta bake

A hearty bowl of pasta with chicken and Alfredo sauce sounds great no matter what day of the week it is. Chicken Alfredo is an iconic dish thanks to its creamy sauce, cheesy flavor, soft noodles, and hunks of moist chicken. When you're craving this comfort food, you don't have to head to the nearest Italian restaurant or learn how to make a white sauce from scratch. 

If you're looking for a comforting pasta dish that's both delicious and quick to make, look no further than Costco's Kirkland Signature chicken Alfredo with penne pasta bake. One of Costco's many available prepared dishes, it is made with all-white meat chicken breast, penne pasta, mozzarella, parmesan, and a premade Alfredo sauce, which is packaged in its own pouch so you can add as much or as little as you want.

To cook it, Costco's instructions recommend heating the sauce until it simmers before adding in the pasta and chicken. Heat everything through, making sure to stir often so the cheese sauce doesn't clump and the consistency remains silky smooth. Costco's chicken Alfredo will cost around $22 depending on which location you're shopping at and the size of the tray you purchase.