Why The Internet Is Obsessing Over Costco's Chicken Noodle Soup

The internet already knew Costco chicken noodle soup was good. Considering the bulk-buy chain sells an estimated 60 million rotisserie chickens a year (via NPR), it only seems natural that some of that chicken also becomes a delicious soup. Selling at $9.99 for a 64-ounce container, this deli favorite features the chain's signature rotisserie along with wide noodles, celery, carrots, and a savory broth (via I am Tired of Cooking). A great deal for sure – the only catch is eating all 64 ounces before it goes bad. 

That's why this viral hack has the internet obsessing.

The Redditor that started this conversation posted, "Pro tip: the chicken noodle soup is amazing, less than $10, and fits perfectly into 4 mason jars if you live alone and need to freeze." If you're doing the math, that's lunch for $2.50 per day over 4 days – a pretty fabulous deal. Loving this idea, one reader laments, "I need a second freezer just for stuff I get at costco [sic]" while another quickly points out, "Costco sells one."

While clearly all agreeing on the smart portioning, readers did, however, have some additional and sometimes disagreeing advice on freezing soups.

Buy chicken soup in bulk, eat in portions

Redditors noted concerns that freezing glass could cause dangerous (and messy) cracks, breaking the jars. On a side note, heating glass too quickly, like with a hots soup, can also cause expansion that will crack the glass (via Mini Physics). Concerned readers, however, were reassured that using the right type of jar and leaving space for expansion should work pretty well. While many users suggested using freezer bags or plastic containers instead, one user had an additional hack that got rave reviews of its own. 

"I thought the same thing. I freeze soup portions in Glad containers, when they solidify I then remove the soup blocks and vacuum seal them. This prevents freezer burn and I can have soup whenever I please. I tend to make large batches of soup. Works great for me!" says the contributor.

And one final tip for those who worry about freezing affecting the taste. A self-professed Costco employee says this soup actually comes to them frozen in the first place: "Broth and noodles come in pre made and frozen we just thaw it and put in containers with chicken" (via Reddit). So now you know – buy in bulk and pack your soup to-go.