TikTok Exposes Bon Appétit Test Kitchen's Lack Of Cups

When TikTokers aren't exposing the restaurant industry, or the secret to upgraded cinnamon rolls, they're deep diving into topics that you didn't think you needed to know about. Like, why the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen supposedly doesn't have any cups. Bon Appétit, as a culinary and recipe-focused publication, of course has a test kitchen where writers and chefs use and make all kinds of different food. They even had a video series for their Test Kitchen, featuring those same individuals working and cooking. One TikTok user noticed something they thought was out of place in these videos and decided to make a TikTok about it — PowerPoint introduction included.

With their video captioned, "were there no cups in the @Bon Appetit Magazine test kitchen?", @samsuksiri makes it clear they're on a mission to expose Bon Appétit for their cup-less working environment. Although, the user starts the video by mentioning the other Bon Appétit controversy, which was certainly direr than having no cups. In the slideshow, there are images featuring the staff using all kinds of different things to drink liquid out of — including large containers, prep bowls, and mason jars — and not a cup in sight. It seems like the user may have a point when asking if there were simply no cups to be had.

A cup mostly empty

In response to @samsuksiri's damning exposé, users had a variety of reactions. Seemingly in agreement, one responded, "I can confirm. I'm a cup and I have never met those people" — sounds like the case is closed! Another user was more distracted by how long it's been since the Bon Appétit scandal occurred, "ITS BEEN 3 YEARS?????" Time means very little to so many of us now. However, some comments shed light on what @samsuksiri was trying to get at, and that perhaps we should not be so alarmed.


were there no cups in the @Bon Appétit Magazine test kitchen? #bonappetit #bonappetittestkitchen #clairesaffitz #bradleone #sohlaelwaylly #testkitchen

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One user responded by saying, "Health codes don't let you have drinks near the food," and another commented, "That's just kitchen etiquette tbh." A different user said, "Welcome to the restaurant industry." It appears @samsuksiri's "Twilight Zone"-level paranoia might be unwarranted in this instance, as using empty containers or anything that isn't a cup is apparently a common occurrence across the industry. Recently FX's "The Bear" was commended for depicting the restaurant world accurately, including having characters drink water out of those same clear, plastic containers. So, it turns out Bon Appétit isn't participating in a no-cups conspiracy, but it still has some other issues to deal with.