Kool-Aid Steak Is As Disappointing As It Sounds

TikTok is a goldmine for creative recipes that will have you cooking like a star, but every now and then, a recipe comes around that makes us wonder if we have too much creative freedom these days. Case in point: Kool-Aid steak. Of all the things people can season their steak with, Kool-Aid is an unlikely option, but thanks to creators on TikTok, Kool-Aid steaks somehow became a thing. 

It's not like people haven't tried using Kool-Aid in cooking before. Netizens have dipped fried chicken in it, and many have used it to brine pickles. Kool-Aid barbecue rub recipe has been around since before TikTok blew up in the U.S., so it wasn't a surprise when TikTokers started seasoning steaks with the fruity powder. 

Kool-Aid steaks are essentially grilled steaks with cherry Kool-Aid rub instead of a typical seasoning. One might be curious as to how it tastes since the recipe did go viral, but not everyone is a fan. One TikToker gave Kool-Aid steak a go upon a fan's request, but fans had mixed feelings about it and bombarded his video with all sorts of comments. "Lol looks better than it sounds," one fan commented. "What a waste of meat. I love it! Taking one for the team," another one wrote.

Kool-Aid isn't the best thing to add to food

One could tell that the TikToker didn't have high hopes for the recipe from the get-go since he apologized to viewers in advance for "wasting steak" after he started to season the meat with Kool-Aid in the video. He even promised to donate the amount he paid for the steak to a charity. After seasoning the steak with a few packets of cherry Kool-Aid, the TikToker smoked it at 250 degrees F for approximately 15 minutes on each side. He then placed it on a gas grill to get grill marks. After it was done, he took one bite of the Kool-Aid steak only to spit it out immediately. Enough said.


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We may not try Kool-Aid steak for the foreseeable future, but there are plenty of Kool-Aid recipes out there that are actually good. One can use it to make ice creams, Kool-Aid slushies, and even add it to pies. 

That said, Kool-Aid is not the healthiest thing you can put in your body. While it is a refreshing beverage loved by many, some Kool-Aid products have harmful artificial colors like Red Dye 40 which is linked to conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, according to Medical News Now. It is considered a healthier alternative to soda due to its lower sugar content, but some varieties of Kool-Aid are high in sugar and can cause health issues when consumed excessively.