No, The Spaghett Cocktail Doesn't Contain Any Pasta

Next time you're at the bar, order a Spaghett. You won't get pasta — but you might find your new dangerously easy drink of the summer.

The cocktail contains Miller High Life, Aperol, and lemon juice. Versions of the Spaghett are easy to make at home and have long been favorite shift drinks for bartenders and restaurant staff, but they're also available to order at some watering holes in case your bar cart is barren. If you're ready to DIY, just take a gulp of the beer before pouring in the Aperol and citrus — you won't even need a glass.

Especially on a hot day, a Spaghett is refreshing and low-ABV, so imbibers can easily drink more than one with friends without feeling the effects too badly. As drinks like the Aperol spritz gain popularity as summer sippers, plenty of folks are turning to beer cocktails like the Spaghett as a proudly pedestrian variation on a classic. With just a few ingredients, the Spaghett comes together quickly — but this also means that every ingredient is ultra-important.

How to make a good Spaghett cocktail this summer

A Spaghett cocktail starts with the beer, and the traditional Miller High Life certainly makes sense. Even though its tagline, "The Champagne of Beers," has gotten the brand in trouble recently, it speaks to how suitable the beer is for a spritzy drink. If you can't find that particular brand, use something else light — save your hoppy or dark beers for another day.

Aperol, an Italian aperitif typically consumed before a meal, has a bitter, orange-y sweetness that complements the beer. You could use Campari with beer for a similar twist on a negroni, but a Spaghett relies on the uniquely bright and sweet quality of the Aperol. Finally, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and cheers to your Spaghett.

Of course, this is just one of plenty of beer cocktails you should be making at home. Subbing in Mexican beer in a margarita makes a delicious "beerita," and with beer and tomato juice among other flavors, the Michelada has a Bloody Mary vibe with a lower ABV.