DIY Raising Cane's Pizza Is All We'll Ever Need

Are you stuck deciding between Raising Cane's and pizza for dinner? Why not have both? Thanks to innovative social media chefs on TikTok, you can get the best of both worlds with a DIY Raising Cane's pizza. Although it may seem painfully American and prompted one TikTok user to quip, "There's something seriously wrong with this country," they quickly followed it with, "and I'm here for it." Guess what? So are we. 

Raising Cane's menu is pretty simple, and while it streamlines and simplifies the ordering process, this can get a little boring if you're a frequent flyer of its drive-through. It's easy to love Cane's house-made sauce, crispy Texas toast, and famous crinkle-cut fries, but sometimes adventurous eaters need to spice things up a bit. The restaurant chain only has four adult entrees and no official secret menu, but that doesn't have to stop you from creating the beautiful monstrosity that is TikTok's Raising Cane's pizza.

All you need to create this hybrid fast-food pizza is a three-finger combo. The meal includes three crispy tenders, a slice of Texas toast, fries, and sauce. From there, grab frozen pizza dough, lather on your Cane's sauce, dice up the ingredients into bite-sized pizza toppings, add shredded cheese, and bake until your dough is crispy. Voilà! Raising Cane's pizza.

Customize your DIY Raising Cane's pizza

Although the restaurant has a limited menu, and the original recipe is abundant, you can still customize your Raising Cane's pizza to go beyond what the chain offers with a few ingredients from home.


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Once you've assembled your Cane's pizza, consider adding additional ingredients from home after it's been baked. For a chicken sandwich-inspired iteration, add store-bought sliced pickles for a zesty flair. For a more authentic pizza feel, use a garlicky red sauce for the base and save the Cane's sauce for dipping. To make a spicier pizza, try assembling your ingredients atop a crust smothered in buffalo sauce.

If you want to get even wilder with your creation, purchase a handful of Cane's Texas toast and roll it out into a dough for a fried-chicken pizza made with 100% Cane's ingredients. You can even sprinkle some of Cane's creamy coleslaw on the finished product to get in your vegetables and add crunch. Regardless of how you assemble this indulgent DIY Raising Cane's pizza, have fun with it. If you love the recipe, the sky's the limit: Don't be scared to try this hack at Chick-fil-A too!