Use This McDonald's Rewards Loophole Before It Disappears

Faithful McDonald's customers who have racked up rewards points often run into a challenge when it comes to cashing in: They can't use more than one reward in a single order. This is by design, with the official McDonald's Rewards FAQs page stating: "At this time, you are limited to redeeming one reward per order." However, creative consumers are finding a way around this. 

Since introducing the new digital loyalty system in 2021 to replace McCafé Rewards, millions of customers have taken advantage of the rewards possibilities. One social media user even bragged that they had accumulated more than 100,000 reward points. However, this doesn't mean the system is a free-for-all. Points can't be shared, and they expire over time, disappearing from your account if they go unspent for more than six months. Enter the latest rewards hack, which allows consumers to cobble together a full meal out of their rewards points rather than settling for single menu items or letting them expire.

A recent viral TikTok showed a user placing multiple separate orders to capitalize on their points. Sure, it takes more time and effort than placing a single order, but this loophole allows you to use your whole balance in one trip instead of chipping away at it over months. Currently, McDonald's consumers can earn 100 points for every dollar they spend. At 1,500 points, you can start to dip into the rewards possibilities, with the opportunity to redeem for a cheeseburger, ice cream cone, hash browns, or a McChicken. 

This ordering hack might be temporary

It's unclear how long this current rewards ordering hack will be around, with some commenters on the TikTok video already reporting difficulties with using the method at their local McDonald's. One user wrote, "Doesn't work where I live. I tried that about three months ago and said I had to wait an hour lol." Another viewer commented, "I have to wait 30 minutes in between."


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The one-reward-per-order rule has arguably been the most contentious rule on the loyalty program. Though the policy seems designed to increase consumer traffic, it may have frustrated some customers away. One in-depth Reddit comment got to the heart of consumers' annoyance, writing of the one-reward-per-order policy: "This has irritated me so much that McDonald's somehow earned negative goodwill from me by adding the rewards system." 

Perhaps the newly viral loophole is a sign that McDonald's should ditch its current policy altogether. In the meantime, it's worth giving this hack a try.