The Secret McDonald's Macfries Hack That Puts Other Loaded Fries To Shame

You've probably heard of McDonald's world-famous Big Mac and French fries, but have you ever thought about combining the two together to create a single, mouthwatering dish? We're not talking about loading up the towering handheld with a layer of fries (though we can't deny that's a pretty good idea, too). In this case, we're talking about taking some of the fixings of a Big Mac and creating loaded fries.

One TikTok user shared a video demonstrating how to execute the Mickey Ds menu hack, deeming the concoction "Ashley's Macfries." However, unless your name is also Ashley, calling them Macfries is just fine — though you probably won't have any luck if you ask for them during your next trip to the drive-thru. Rather, do as the TikToker did in her viral post on February 10, 2023, and ask for a large fry along with a side of diced onions, pickles, and Big Mac Sauce.

Once you have the ingredients, add everything to a bowl, plate, or large McDonald's drink cup like the TikToker did. Give everything a good mix, and voila! A tasty order of Macfries that will put all other loaded fries to shame.

Macfries are a viral hit

Despite how delicious McDonald's French fries are on their own, the TikToker's Macfries menu hack has generated some serious buzz on the social media platform. The video has been flooded with comments from several viewers saying they were going to try the loaded fries on their next trip to the restaurant, while others said they had already done so and gave the hack their stamp of approval. 

It's also already spawned copycats online, with one TikToker calling the Macfries "fire" after trying it herself in a video. Some commenters also suggested taking Macfries a step further by adding in the remaining Big Mac ingredients: lettuce, cheese, and a chopped-up burger patty.


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The loaded fry trend isn't only happening in America, either. According to the New York Post, the menu hack has also recently gained some serious traction in the United Kingdom. There, foodies are adding a number of McDonald's U.K.-exclusive menu items to the salty delicacy including mozzarella sticks and chicken strips, which we're totally not jealous of. However, you don't have to go to Britain to try Macfries.