Iconic Cereal Mascot Tony The Tiger Is Headed To Broadway

Iconic food mascots, like Ronald McDonald and the Pillsbury Dough Boy, have helped customers feel a connection with their favorite food brands for years. When it comes to cereals, it's difficult not to immediately hum a jingle or have a slogan pop into your head without a thought. Those who love sugary cereals, and even those who don't, will immediately recognize the giant orange tiger who shouts, "They're not good, they're GRRREAT!" While Tony the Tiger typically appears in commercials, he'll be making his first-ever Broadway appearance at the 2023 Tony Awards.

Though Tony the Tiger's looks have changed over the years, this will mark the first time the tiger has suited up for such an occasion. He'll be attending the 76th awards show and also making an appearance at the after-party, where he will hobnob with all the Broadway stars. His tagline will have a slight change for the event, where it will be, "There. Grrreat." The ever-so-slight change signals to customers that the cereal is so delicious it can make any situation even better. Tony will come bearing gifts, including a golden cereal bowl for those who were nominated.

Attendees will get more than just an award

A golden cereal bowl engraved with the new tagline may seem special enough, but those attending Tony's after-party will also be invited to tour the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes event space at the event. The event space will be complete with adult cereal milkshakes, plenty of bowls of frosted flakes, and other breakfast goodies. If you are not a Broadway star, you can still join in on some of the fun. Fans can follow @kelloggsfrostedflake's Instagram account for real-time updates and photos.

Even though this is the first Tony the Tiger is making an appearance at the Tony Awards, the tiger should be used to being in the celebrity spotlight. During the summer of 2022, Frosted Flakes partnered with Twitch as the first cereal company to have its own mascot VTuber. Tony the Tiger played a game during a 2-hour livestream with other well-known Twitch stars. Over the years, Tony has embraced social media, rubbed elbows with celebrity athletes, and now, he's taking over Broadway. Fans will have to follow along on his adventure to see if there are any singing gigs in the cereal mascot's future.