Butter And Herb Bathed Steak Has Us Salivating

It's all too easy to find yourself scrolling through delicious-looking food videos online until you feel an intense craving hit. Suddenly, you're sent into a spur-of-the-moment baking or cooking frenzy in a desperate attempt to recreate the drool-worthy meals you were just ogling at. If you're a meat eater, seeing a perfectly cooked steak seasoned with heaps of butter and herbs might lead to such an outcome. Perhaps you'll make a beeline to the kitchen to cook your steak in a cast iron pan, leaving that sought-after layer of spices to coat the bottom for your next savory idea. You can also opt to cook your steak in the great outdoors, as long as you remember to bring all the necessary ingredients that will bring out your cut's flavors nicely.

Depending on how many steaks you plan on searing, including copious amounts of butter on your ingredient list is a sure way to achieve the tastiest level of flavor possible. On TikTok, the Polish outdoor cooking account, Men with the Pot, has all its food-centric videos down to an art form. Each aesthetic video is filled with mesmerizing food prep slow-mo shots and skilled knifework that never fails to entertain, causing commenters to start salivating out of control. The channel's steak videos are no exception, even grabbing the attention of high-profile celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who is known for duetting cooking videos and giving his unfiltered opinions. And he definitely has some thoughts about the creator's self-proclaimed "butter bath."

When cooking steak, how much butter is really too much?

There's so much going on in this video posted by Men with the Pot, from the hefty mountain of fries the cook drowns in sauce, to the three towering Costco-sized butter sticks casually melting into the cast iron skillet. Many viewers agree that this amount of butter is downright alarming, and headed to the viral video's comment section to express their concerns. "Does this recipe come with a referral to a cardiologist?" one user joked, while another mentioned the cook's arteries have to be looking on in horror.

Although the flavorful steak butter melts into a bottomless pool of fats and spices, the end result is something to behold. Enter Gordon Ramsay, who posted a duet to the butter-drenched steak in question, and was also taken aback at the sheer amount he was witnessing. Ramsay's own steak recipe calls for seven tablespoons of butter, so how upset is he really? When you consider the fact that our recommended daily serving of butter should be around 1-2 tablespoons since it's high in saturated fats and calories, this video seems to be bordering on insanity. But once the steak had browned to perfection and the TikToker cut the meat to expose its juicy center, the celeb was wowed and gave it his seal of approval by saying, "OMFG, that is on the money!" We can only imagine how aromatic and rich the steak was to sink his teeth into. Yeah, it's time to break out the skillet.