Costco Bakeries In Japan Are Worth The Plane Ride

Costco is known for its baked goods like its muffins and cheesecakes, but it has even more options outside of the United States. While U.S. Costco may be upping its game when it comes to its bakery section, it can't hold a candle to the offerings at Costcos in Japan. 

Thanks to one TikTok video, Costco fans got an inside look at some of Costco Japan's best-baked goods that sadly, cannot be found in the United States. Anyone who's been lucky enough to visit Costco Japan has seen firsthand the unique baked goods adorning the aisles. 

In the viral Tik Tok video, shoppers are shown some of the special delicacies like gouda cheese bread, chocolate croissant, mini hoops (minature doughnuts), Japanese hotel bread, and premade garlic bread. While most people are familiar with croissants and garlic bread, Japanese hotel bread is one of those amazing Japanese foods we need in America. Hotel bread, which is also known as milk bread, is a soft and pillowy white bread whose texture is often compared to that of a cloud. People were quick to comment on the video, sharing their thoughts on the overseas offerings.

American customers are wishing for these items

Many people expressed their desires and frustrations that American Costcos don't sell much of the baked goods shown in the videos. One person wrote, "The fact that we don't get chocolate croissants should be illegal." On a viral Instagram video, people shared the same sentiments about the delicious items missing from the U.S. Costcos. One user wrote, "Woah... some amazing pasties wow."  Aside from the baked goods being uniquely different, Costcos all over the world have unique food court options.


Tokyo! Costco Bakery in Japan!!!

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Even though some items in the U.S. and Costco stores are the same, Japan has a way of adding some extra oomph and details to its version. For instance, in Japan, Costco takes its pumpkin pies to the next level. The store's seasonal pumpkin pies are intricately decorated with stenciled Jack-O-Lanterns made from powdered sugar. Even though the pies are undoubtedly more aesthetically beautiful, beauty doesn't come cheap. The Japanese version is almost twice the price of the American, coming in at around $11 per pie. However, there's no denying the variety. As one person wrote, they want to plan a "trip to Japan for the Costco."