Fast Food French Toast Sticks Ranked

America is entering a new era of fast-food breakfast menus, and somehow, the trend is landing on French toast sticks. As people find their time stretched thin between excruciatingly slow traffic and longer working hours, the modern-day professional needs something fast and tasty to get their morning pick-me-up while on the go. What better than to dive headfirst into the crispy, syrup-drenched realm of fast-food French toast sticks? You can even steer with one hand and dunk with the other.

From Wendy's to Burger King to Sonic, there are several options to choose from to get your sugary fix without breaking the bank. Breakfast is a sacred time for many folks, and long before fast-food restaurants caught on, French toast sticks held a special place in people's hearts (and stomachs). There's something magical about those cinnamon-kissed bites that can make even the grumpiest morning person crack a smile.

But not all French toast sticks are made equal, and with chains vying for your breakfast loyalty, it's time to determine which fast-food restaurant serves up the most scrumdiddlyumptious French toast sticks in town. It's the ultimate food showdown of them all — the fast-food French toast stick edition. We've ranked the options from worst to best, to give you every chance to savor the delicious morning treat.

5. Wendy's

As the newest contestant in the fast-food French toast stick wars, Wendy's had a lot of competition to contend with when it introduced its homestyle French toast sticks in 2022. Peeling away fans from already established brands is no easy feat, and sadly, Wendy's was not up to snuff in that regard. The French toast sticks are edible, and they've got a great appearance that actually looks like slices of toast with the crust still intact. That kind of visual presentation might be enough to satiate some hungry bellies, however, most people don't just eat with their eyes.

But when it comes to taste and texture, Wendy's French toast sticks fall a little flat, which is why they're at the bottom of this ranking. As the famous food critic The Report of the Week described in their review video aptly titled "The Most Disappointing Breakfast Fast Food Item Yet," "These are totally flavorless." With an overly chewy and custardy texture and a flavor profile lacking any hints of sweetness, it'll remind you of that time your mother made French toast but forgot to add vanilla extract or cinnamon. What you're left with is just bland eggy toast. If you like your French toast sticks heavy on the syrup, then these may be ideal for your palate, otherwise, steer clear.

4. Roy Rogers

Just above Wendy's in this ranking comes Roy Rogers take on the morning treat. The franchise isn't widely available across the nation, and if you don't live in one of the few states where the company operates, good luck getting your hands on these. Nonetheless, the restaurant does get a few things right with its French toast sticks.

For starters, these rectangular bread nuggets have got a nice golden brown crunchiness on the outside and the expected fluffiness on the inside. For all intents and purposes, it provides the look and texture you typically want from your French toast sticks. These come with a very light dusting of confectioners' sugar too, aiding in the rather tame sweetness that follows every bite.

You'll be content with an order of these, but you probably won't be especially impressed. There's a certain lack of pizazz or distinctive character to these French toast sticks that keeps them out of our list of top contenders. Sure, they're more than just edible, which helps to place them above Wendy's lackluster offering, but they're not all that interesting. The limited availability really puts a hamper on many people getting to try these for themselves. Still, one redeeming quality is that Roy Rogers offers a raspberry syrup to enhance your order of French toast sticks that is otherwise, rather meh.

3. Sonic

When you want middle-of-the-road French toast sticks or just don't have any better options around, Sonic is the place to go. The French toast sticks served at this establishment are perfectly enjoyable and noticeably thicker and larger in size than those offered by the competitors on this list. It's a delightful departure from what you would expect from these golden wonders and means more bang for your buck.

While they lack a dusting of powdered sugar, these sweet sticks boast a light, fluffy interior that feels airy in your mouth, and the exterior is crunchier than you'd expect. If you're a fan of French toast sticks that offer a nice deep-fried crispiness when you bite into them, these might rank higher on your personal list. You may prefer a softer crust for your French toast sticks, however. Sonic typically makes these by the order, so you won't have to worry about being served room-temperature French toast sticks. 

2. Carl's Jr.

As the second best French toast sticks in this ranking, Carl's Jr. gets brownie points for cleverly calling its French toast sticks French Toast Dips, a rather nice twist. The company does a great job of providing French toast sticks that hit the sweet sensibilities Americans often enjoy first thing in the morning. Even better, the hints of cinnamon are palatable, and the flaky golden exterior guarantees that satisfying auditory crunch that makes it a prime option for ASMR mukbangs. The inside is as fluffy as a cloud, and what could be better than that?

The most notable detail about these French Toast Dips is the mountain of powdered sugar layered on top. The Carl's Jr. website describes them as being "sweetly sprinkled," but if you order these carnivalesque morning treats, you'll be consuming much more than a sprinkling. You really don't even have to dip Carl's Jr.'s French toast sticks in syrup to enjoy them, which is a bonus if you want to cut down on some of the sugar. But if you're a fan of powdered sugar, these will be your favorite. The one caveat is that you may or may not experience a slight aftertaste once you're done eating. It's a little off, but overall, it doesn't detract from a breakfast fast-food item that is really satisfying.

1. Burger King

The competition was fierce in the fast-food French toast stick games, but Burger King continues to reign supreme with its sugary, syrup-dipped breakfast confection. BK's little sticks of pure joy burst onto the fast-food scene way back in 1986, and they have been a staple of the chain ever since.

You might be wondering why Burger King topped the list, and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that it was the first chain to introduce French toast sticks to the market. It all boils down to consistency and a familiar flavor profile that the franchise hasn't really steered away from. But most importantly, the customers love it. Don't fix what ain't broken, right?

First of all, these tiny bad boys pack a lot of punch, like crispy golden wands of morning magic. One bite and you're transported to a land of fluffy euphoria where the perfect balance of sweetness harmonizes with gentle hints of cinnamon. Add in the dipping syrup, and it's a done deal. The key to a breakfast lover's heart is through their tastebuds and BK cracked the code by capturing the ideal experience customers want from their French toast sticks: taste, texture, and price. Well played Burger King, well played.