Oleander Johnson

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Atlanta, GA
University Of Arkansas At Little Rock
Cookbooks, Nostalgic 90s-2000s Foods, Quick Meals
  • He has watched every episode of "Chopped" more than three times.
  • Oleander has written for major corporations like NCR, Indeed, CoStar Group, and Kohler Co..
  • He will try ANY food once, twice if he really liked it.


Oleander is what you would call a "writing chameleon", having occupied various writing roles over the last six years, from copywriter to technical writer to content writer. This unique career trajectory has given him quite a versatile skillset, with his time as a copywriter for a content marketing agency being particularly poignant. He wrote about restaurants, popular Filipino dishes, and other mouth-watering food related topics, expanding his knowledge with every article written. With a passion for tasty mom-and-pop cuisine and as someone who collects cookbooks, Oleander was well prepared when joined the Mashed team as a feature writer to bring you the latest stories on all things food, groceries, eateries, food history, and more.


Oleander has a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
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