Popular French Toast Sticks, Ranked From Worst To Best

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When you're putting together your meal in the morning, or planning a family brunch for the weekend, there are almost unlimited food options to add to your menu. Toast is a more popular and versatile option, and is easy to prepare: pop a slice of bread in a toaster, let it heat up, and when it's done, put some butter, avocado spread, or whatever topping you please on your meal. It's incredibly easy to make. French toast sticks, on the other hand, take a little more work to prepare, but is a sweet, filling pastry that is definitely worth the effort.

It may not be as simple as popping some bread in a toaster or oven, but if you're making homemade French toast sticks, it's not the most difficult recipe to master. If you need to run to work, or have somewhere to be, however, you might not have time to make the delicious breakfast item yourself. Fortunately, there are many French toast sticks that you can find in grocery stores that are as easy to heat and eat as a regular slice of toast. There are many different French toast sticks out there, and it may not be easy to figure out which brand is the best, so we've put together a list of some of the most popular grocery-bought French toast sticks, and ranked them from worst to best.

15. Krusteaz Homestyle French Toast Sticks

If you've ever baked a boxed mix of pancakes, cinnamon crumb cake, or chocolate chip and blueberry muffins, then there's a good chance that it was a Krusteaz mix. Krusteaz is a brand known for its sweet, sensational baking mixes, not its frozen goods. It's possible that you've never encountered or even heard of its frozen breakfast items, though they do exist. Krusteaz Homestyle French Toast Sticks are a take on the sweet morning toaster sticks with a lower amount of fat, but advertisements claim that it still has the same great French toast taste.

These French toast sticks might place higher if they were a bit easier to find. When you look online, you can only really find them through a few online grocery websites. This already sets up a barrier to having these French toast sticks, and much more of a hassle to get them as opposed to other takes on the product. In terms of taste, the lower fat content is a plus, but it seems to detract from the genuine taste of French toast sticks that we know and love. When it comes to Krusteaz, we suggest you skip its frozen French toast, and stick to its boxed mixes instead.

14. Giant Food French Toast

Like Walmart, Giant's are blessings in disguise. To be able to walk into a large grocery store and find just about anything you want or need is truly a wonderful thing- as long as what is being sold actually tastes decent. As a large and popular grocery store, Giant has many offerings of French toast sticks, including some of the sticks that are featured on this list. It also has its own take on the sweet breakfast toast, as it does for many other popular products. Unlike those grocery brands, however, this next entry can only be described as unpopular, and not the first frozen French toast sticks you might want to try out.

Giant's Original French Toast Sticks are decently thick, but that's just about all they have going for them. If you go onto the page for this product, and click "find best price," you'll find that it has what is likely the lowest rating on this list: One star. Even though there are only two people who've actually gone on and reviewed this item, the fact that nobody has gone to the grocery store's official website and written anything positive about these sticks says quite a bit. With a rating as low as a single star, we recommend staying away from these frozen French toast sticks, and going for a different product.

13. Great Value French toast sticks

As one of the biggest department stores around, there's a lot you can get at a Walmart: health products, frozen meats, and loads of bakery items, both fresh and frozen. When you shop at one of these locations, you're likely doing so because of the low prices compared to other grocery stores, like Whole Foods or Trader Joes. The cheaper price might mean that the produce and goods found at a Walmart aren't as "clean" as what you might find in a more high-end grocery store, but that doesn't mean that Walmart lacks quality.

Many of the pastries, breads, and other bakery goods you can find at a Walmart are quite delicious — though we can't say that about its original frozen French toast sticks. While we didn't expect these to taste like something right out of a bakery or restaurant, we hoped to taste something that resembled French toast. However, according to reviews on the Walmart website, the recipe for this product changed — and not for the better. They fall apart much more easily, but to make matters worse, they don't taste like French toast at all. If they tasted like something good, these sticks might have some sort of saving grace, but they don't, so we recommend you steer clear of this product.

12. Schwan's French toast sticks

Being able to get food delivered from a restaurant right to your house is a blessing in disguise. Food delivery is not a new invention, and chains that sell pizza are well familiar with driving a freshly made dinner to homes, as are other restaurants that feature take-out menus. In recent years, getting food delivered from a store has become quite popular as well, and frozen food, which you typically have to go to the frozen section of a grocery store to get, has also grown in popularity.

Frozen food delivery services such as Schwan's Home Delivery have delivered frozen foods to homes for almost 70 years now, and that includes its cinnamon French toast sticks. While being able to order frozen food to your house is pretty useful, we'd rather the food that we order actually taste good. These French toast sticks are rather bland, and boast a measly 3.5/5 stars on the company's website, with many consumers complaining that the breadsticks have way too much cinnamon on them to be properly enjoyed. Overall, we'd say that these French toast sticks are not worth the hassle, and we'd rather just drive to a grocery store and pick some better ones up for ourselves.

11. Great Value Cinnamon Sticks

Ah, Walmart French toast sticks. They can't seem to catch a break, can they? Well, they do break — but not in the way we want them to. We've already established that Walmart's frozen French toast sticks are far from the best, and throwing extra cinnamon on top of the breakfast food doesn't change that. Cinnamon is a wonderful flavor to add to most foods, but even it can't hide how unappetizing this entry is. Walmart's Great Value Cinnamon French Toast Sticks contain 20 frozen French toast sticks per box that you can heat up in a toaster, oven, or microwave, though with this brand of cinnamon toast sticks, we doubt that you'd want to.

These French toast sticks taste exactly like the original version that Great Value offers — which isn't good. Aside from the extra note of cinnamon, the new recipe that reviewers commented on with the other Walmart French toast sticks is present with this product, making it not at all a favorable choice of breakfast food. They have been described as crumbly and greasy by customers – everything a good batch of French toast stick shouldn't be. If you're looking for a solid French toast brand from Walmart, we suggest you skip its Great Value items and look elsewhere.

10. Vans Gluten Free French toast sticks

Gluten-free diets, among all of the other food diets out there, have risen in popularity over the years, and it's not because more people have gluten allergies than not. When you step into a grocery store nowadays, you'll find numerous gluten-free variations of foods that aren't usually gluten-free, and these are perfect not just for those who want to have a gluten-free diet, but for those with allergies, who also want to experience the taste of something delicious. As a bread product, French toast typically has gluten in it, and though there are gluten-free options out there, they don't exactly live up to the original toast.

Van's Gluten-Free Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free — but they also seem to lack a certain fluffiness that we like to see in french toast, as well. There's an overwhelming amount of cinnamon on these sticks, but underneath that, this frozen, gluten-free take on the beloved breakfast food is bland and dry, with one Amazon reviewer comparing the taste of this product to cardboard, and preferring the cardboard. While we appreciate more gluten-free items for those of us who want or need to cut back on gluten, we'd rather eat gluten-free products that actually taste good.

9. Himalya French toast sticks

There are many appealing things about buying stuff from Walmart: convenience, (mostly) solid tasting food products, and, arguably one of the most important attributes out of them all — a good bargain. Unfortunately for the department store chain, most of its French toast sticks fall flat compared to other offerings. This next French toast stick offering, however, wasn't bad enough to rank lower than our previous entries, and our biggest issue with these sticks wasn't the taste, but the listing price.

Himalya French Toast Sticks don't actually taste awful, but they have a price that just isn't worth the worry. These sticks are listed on Walmart's website at $29.99 for 40 sticks total. That's a much higher price than all of the other offerings on this list. Though you can buy them through Walmart's site, they're actually sold by a company called Himalaya International Inc. and appear to be imported. That might be why they're so much more expensive than the other French toast sticks on Walmart's website.

Great Value French toast sticks, which come in a 20-count box, are just a little more than three dollars, so even though they taste horrible, at least they're affordable. We'll give credit where credit is due: the Himalya sticks don't taste the worst, and are actually edible, but when put against such a high price, we feel as though they just aren't worth it.

8. Breakfast Best French toast sticks

We've gone through a lot of bad and bland frozen French toast sticks, but fortunately, this next item tastes a lot better than our previous entries. Some grocery or department stores are known for their fresh, high-quality foods, while others are best known for their cheap, affordable prices. Aldi often falls under both of these categories, and many shoppers frequently get their grocery items from this store due to the surprising quality you'll find within each shop, all for much lower prices than what you might find at somewhere like Whole Foods.

Aldi's Breakfast Best Cinnamon French Toast Sticks come in either a double cinnamon flavor, or a classic original. Each is a little bland, but in terms of texture, are quite fluffy, and the cinnamon variation of this product isn't overly cinnamon tasting. While this certainly isn't the best frozen French toast offering you can get at a grocery store, these sticks aren't awful, and are surprisingly solid compared to the other store-brand French toasts on this list. 

7. Wellsley Farms Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Wellsley Farms Cinnamon French Toast Sticks come with about 56 sticks per container, so they're filled to the brim with cinnamon-y goodness. This take on the morning breakfast sticks also claims to have no artificial coloring or high fructose corn syrup, so although most frozen French toast sticks aren't the healthiest, this product does have that going for it. A serving of Wellsley Farm's French toast sticks also has 5 grams of protein, and can be popped into a microwave or preheated oven to be warmed up, and ready within minutes.

While this take on a cinnamon snack tasted good, there are a few things holding these French toast sticks back. First up is the amount of French toast sticks per box. The label says about 14 servings of four sticks per container, but not every box will contain the same exact amount of sticks, making this a rather inconsistent product. Furthermore, compared to other French toast stick products, Wellsley Farm's take is a bit more difficult to find online, and the listing prices that can be found are a little more pricey than what we prefer. These French toast sticks may taste good enough to justify the price, but when paired with the inconsistency, it's not the best look.

6. Kroger French toast sticks

Of all the grocery store chains in the country, one of the most recognizable out there is Kroger. For over a century now, Kroger has been offering quality foodstuffs to consumers around the country, and French toast sticks have been a part of Kroger's list of products for quite some time now. On the graphic of its frozen French toast stick offering, Kroger's Original French Toast Sticks are shown drizzled with maple syrup, and served with fresh blueberries and raspberries.

The way that these French toast sticks are shown on the box is likely the best way to eat this product. These were way better than most of the other French toast sticks that came before this, though they could've used a bit more flavor. That might be why the French toast sticks on the box are draped in syrup and fruit — to hide the fact that these French toast sticks, while decent enough, are more on the bland side. Overall, these aren't the worst things to serve at a brunch or breakfast, but they aren't by any means the best, and if you don't live near a Kroger, we don't suggest going through the trouble of finding one just to get its French toast sticks, but if you do, you'll likely enjoy them.

5. Farm Rich Cinnamon

Farm Rich is a brand that has a lot of stuffed foods. Frozen grilled cheese sticks and mozzarella sticks are some of the foods that it sells, along with — you guessed it – Cinnamon French Toast Sticks. Each box of this frozen food comes with 12 cinnamon sticks that are all covered in a sweet coating before being lightly dusted with a sprinkle of cinnamon. They are also supposedly a good source of vitamins and minerals, with Farm Rich claiming that their sticks are a good source of protein as well (via FarmRich).

These French toast sticks are pretty sweet, so if you prefer something with a more subtle sweetness, you might want to try a less cinnamon-covered snack. Their cut is admittedly a little uneven, so you may end up with either a really large, thick French toast stick, or a much smaller, thinner bite. That aside, every bit of these sweet snacks tasted good, so if you can put up with sugar, and you aren't fighting someone else to get the good pieces, then Farm Rich's cinnamon French toast sticks will make your life a little sweeter.

4. Eggo's Cinnamon French Toaster Sticks

When it comes to frozen breakfast foods, everyone has heard of the name Eggo. Its frozen waffles, pancakes, and other products seem to be in just about every frozen food aisle you can find, with the Kellog brand's breakfast foods being a staple in many households. Their goods are also super easy to prepare, as well: you can pop them in the toaster or microwave for quick, delicious results, or, if you're a little more patient, you can pop waffles and other foods in the oven for a crisp, flavorful breakfast. No matter what you get from Eggo, you know that you're in for a tasty time — and that includes their take on French toast.

Eggo's Frozen Cinnamon French Toaster Sticks come in the shape of a whole slice of toast, but after being heated up, are easy to pull into four pieces of French toast, and dipped in maple syrup. Like most Eggo products, these French toast sticks tasted amazing — though they weren't exactly on the mark. These sticks aren't as big or fluffy as your typical French toast stick, and were a little more like a simple cinnamon toast than a cinnamon French toast. This product may lack the authenticity of a good French toast, but the taste of this frozen product is good enough to push this fact aside, and enjoy a toasty, cinnamon-y breakfast.

3. Farm Rich

Another Farm Rich product that features on this list is its Original French Toast Sticks. They're pretty similar to the cinnamon counterpart. A box of frozen French toast sticks contains 12 sticks total that come frozen and are easy to pop into a microwave or oven to heat up and enjoy. You could also stick them in an air fryer for a quick, crisp, and equally flavorful breakfast food. No matter how you choose to prepare them, however, it's undeniable that this Farm Rich product is one that French toast fans all over will likely get a kick out of, and should try out the next time they see these sticks in stores.

Farm Rich's original flavored French toast sticks lean a little more on the sweet side, but not in a way that makes them feel too sweet. They are fluffy and easy to make, with some reviewers on Amazon even comparing the frozen sticks to what you might find on a Burger King breakfast menu. Other than the possibility of uneven servings, it doesn't seem like you can go wrong with Farm Rich's French toast sticks, and if you happen to pick up a box of their sweet breakfast items, there's a fair chance that you'll finish off a plate of these completely satisfied, but at the same time, ready for more.

2. Member's Mark

Sam's Club is a brand that offers a variety of products under the Member's Mark name. With Member's Mark, you'll find a wide range of different products, and not just food items. From dish soap, paper plates, and even furniture and electronics, you can find almost anything with Member's Mark goods, and the same can be said in regards to their food products, which range from trail mixes, peanut butter pretzels, and the frozen foods that you can find on its website — including the brand's take on French toast sticks. Member's Mark Cinnamon French Toast Sticks come with 50 sticks, each coated in a helpful amount of cinnamon sugar.

The first thing to note is that there are a lot of French toast sticks in each of these boxes, so you're getting a whole lot of French toast for a pretty good price. What's more is that the contents of each box actually taste good. They're seasoned with the cinnamon well, with the flavor not being too overwhelming, but evident, providing for a sweet, well-balanced cinnamon bread. We could see these boxes of Member Mark's French toast sticks being used as a party snack — seeing as there are so many of them — or a sweet, flavorful breakfast to start one's morning off right.

1. Murry's French Toast Sticks

Murry's is a retail company that doesn't just sell French toast along with other frozen goods — it only does French toast sticks. The brand claims that their sticks are equipped to be the perfect breakfast or snack for any occasion (via Murry's), so it would be crazy of us not to take a look at these French toast sticks.

Murry's has both original and cinnamon French toast sticks, each made from large slices of Texas toast before being dipped in batter to be fried, packed, and frozen until you choose to prepare them. Both of these French toast stick varieties taste amazing. They're fluffy, rich, and come out of the oven crispy and buttery. We could easily see ourselves preparing these for breakfast, or even as a sweet snack to have throughout the day. Clearly, Murry's knows what they're doing when it comes to frozen French toast sticks, so we definitely suggest you try some of what they have to offer.