You Should Be Frying Canned Green Beans More Often

Move over, fried pickles. There's a new particularly crispy vegetable in town. Fried green beans are a classic Southern side dish that can please any crowd. Sure, there are a million ways to make green beans, but there are also a million reasons why should you specifically be frying them more often.

Frying green beans can intensify their natural flavors and create a savory, slightly caramelized taste with noticeable depth. They also boast a crispy exterior and a tender interior, providing a perfectly even contrast of textures. The cooking process is relatively quick and straightforward, as fried green beans can be coated in batter or seasoned flour and fried until crisp, which makes them quite a convenient option. If you don't want to deep-fry them, though, you can pan-fry them instead.

Fried green beans can also be a versatile addition to your meals. They're easily served as a standalone appetizer, paired as a side dish alongside main courses, or even used as an ingredient in stir-fries, salads, or grain bowls. Trick up your nicoise salad by adding fried green beans instead of the cold variety, or mix them into a holiday casserole, or even follow the lead of Rachael Ray from Food Network and eat them straight with a side of wasabi ranch.

In defense of canned green beans

While fresh green beans are an excellent option, there are plenty of reasons you should use the canned variety — with or without the breaded coating. 


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Since canned green beans are pre-cooked, they'll save you time and effort you'd lose cooking down fresh green beans. Simply crack open the tin, drain, rinse, and get to frying. Another benefit of pre-cooked green beans is that they already have a soft, mellow mouthfeel, which leaves little room for missing the mark on texture.

Additionally, since they're shelf-stable, canned green beans offer more flexibility in your eating timeline. Plus, if you've got a dusty can of green beans that's been sitting around your pantry for months, frying its contents is an exciting way to put the stuff to use.

Finally, fresh green beans often boast a grassy flavor, which is great for some palates, but for those who prefer a milder flavor, canned green beans are the way to go. Next time you're bored of your usual green bean recipe, grab a can and fry these veggies up for a thrilling take on a classic side dish.