How To Make Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Look Less Blob-Like

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Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert, but they don't always look as impressive as they taste. Whether you're using pre-made dough or baking them from scratch, cookies have a tendency to turn into blobs on the baking sheet. They're still gooey and delicious, but one might think twice about bringing them to an event. Fortunately, the internet has a hack for making chocolate chip cookies look less blob-like once they're out of the oven.

Creator @designeatrepeat posted this technique on TikTok, revealing two steps for clean, circular chocolate chip cookies. First, if the cookies have expanded into one another, bakers should use a butter knife to "surgically" separate them. Then, while they're still warm, use the circular rim of a drinking glass to do the "cup wiggle trick" to turn these treats into perfect circles. As YouTuber audreysaurus demonstrates, a small bowl can be used for the same effect.

"Now I can proudly give these away without people questioning if I even know how to bake," the TikToker says after showcasing her work. Most individuals would like to feel that pride once their work is done, so they'd be wise to utilize this smart shaping method. It'll make chocolate chip cookies look like they're straight out of the bakery.

Forgo circular cookies with fun cutters

While some bakers strive to turn their chocolate chip cookies from blobs to perfect circles, others might take a more unique approach. Anyone willing to spend a couple extra dollars can turn warm cookies into almost any shape. There's no shortage of cookie cutters available in stores, and all of them allow bakers to get creative with their designs. Hearts, stars, and diamonds are common alternatives to circular cookies. However, Amazon offers everything from sea creatures molds to dinosaur shapes.

Using fun cookie cutters and implementing other cookie hacks (topping them with salt is a must) will impress guests no matter the occasion. There's a lot of pressure to have an aesthetically pleasing dessert spread, but everyday kitchen tools can alleviate that stress. Cups and bowls make efficient workarounds for cookie cutters, but the latter can come in handy for those who bake a lot. There are plenty of ways to avoid blob-like chocolate chip cookies — and in the worst-case scenario, hosts can use a large baking pan and turn them into a cookie cake.