McDonald's Sauces You Won't Find In The US

When it comes to fast-food giants, McDonald's stands proudly at the forefront, captivating hearts, minds, and taste buds worldwide. But there's a secret hidden beneath those golden arches: a diverse array of delectable sauces that have yet to grace the palates of American patrons.

McDonald's has crafted a range of mouthwatering sauces tailored to suit the culinary preferences of different regions. Prepare to embark on a voyage of taste and discovery as we traverse continents and delve into the flavors that define McDonald's sauces abroad. While some sauces embrace familiar flavors with a subtle twist, others venture into uncharted territory.

It might seem like McDonald's is a constant that's the same everywhere, but step into one of its restaurants in another country and you might be surprised at what you see on the menu. Australia may be a little far to go to get McChicken Sauce with your fries, but we can understand the temptation. So, sit back and let's explore some of the many McDonald's sauces you won't find in the U.S.

Fritessaus (Netherlands)

If you've ever visited the Netherlands, you've probably seen fritessaus all over the place — including at McDonald's. Fritessaus is a beloved condiment that's a staple in the Netherlands. It's a creamy and tangy sauce specifically designed to accompany fries.

Fritessaus is similar in appearance to mayonnaise, with a smooth, light texture. However, its flavor profile sets it apart. Compared to regular mayonnaise, fritessaus tends to have a slightly sweeter, less rich flavor, making it a milder condiment. It has a slightly looser texture and less fat than mayonnaise — fritessaus is usually composed of less than 25% oil.

What's notable about fritessaus is its intense popularity in the Netherlands. You'll find it virtually anywhere that serves fries, so it's no surprise that it's available in Dutch branches of McDonald's. If you're interested in trying fritessaus without traveling across the globe, try adding a little sugar to your mayonnaise, but it won't be exactly the same.

McChicken Sauce (Australia)

If you're obsessed with the sauce that goes in a McChicken chicken sandwich, you'll be pleased to know you can get cups of McChicken Sauce at McDonald's in Australia. A trip to Macca's — as they call it down under — wouldn't be complete without a taste of this delightful sauce.

You might be asking, "Isn't McChicken sauce just mayonnaise?" and the answer to that is a resounding "no." Although it's mayonnaise-based, this sauce has a blend of additional ingredients that sets it apart. McChicken Sauce perfectly balances tanginess, creaminess, and a hint of spice. This delectable condiment has become an integral part of the McChicken's appeal, and Aussies have taken it one step further. Its availability as a dipping sauce means McDonald's fans can use it to dip fries, nuggets, and anything else that takes their fancy.

While you might have quite a trip ahead of you should you want to get some McChicken Sauce to go with your fries, it is available a little closer to home. You can't get it in dip cups in Canada, but you can buy bottles of it at the grocery store.

Rich Tomato Dip (UK)

In the realm of fast-food condiments, McDonald's has a knack for creating irresistible sauces that elevate your dining experience. While you may be familiar with the golden arches and the array of McDonald's dipping sauces available in the U.S., there's a hidden gem that's been captivating taste buds exclusively in the United Kingdom: Rich Tomato Dip.

The Rich Tomato Dip is a vibrant, tangy delight that adds a burst of flavor to every bite. Its rich and smooth texture — coupled with a robust taste of tomatoes, basil, and garlic — creates a truly delightful dipping experience.

The Rich Tomato Dip holds a special place in the hearts of U.K. McDonald's lovers. So, next time you find yourself in the United Kingdom and craving a saucy accompaniment to your fries or nuggets, don't miss the chance to dunk them into Rich Tomato Dip at McDonald's. It's a taste sensation that encapsulates the essence of fast-food indulgence in the U.K. and will leave you longing for more with each delicious dip.

Balsamic Dressing (UK)

Among the hidden treasures available at McDonald's in the U.K. is Balsamic Dressing. Although it's labeled as a dressing, rather than a dip, McDonald's Balsamic Dressing deserves a spot on the list of sauces available outside the U.S.

Instead of being thin and tart, like standard balsamic vinegar, Balsamic Dressing is thickened and sweetened to make it more akin to a balsamic glaze. Its texture makes it perfectly suitable for dipping fries and nuggets or spreading onto burgers. With its rich, dark, and sweet flavor profile, balsamic vinegar adds a sophisticated twist to this beloved dip.

If you've been looking to take your McDonald's game up a level, this sauce makes your meal feel fancy — however, those of us in the U.S. will have to travel a long way to acquire it. If you find yourself craving a McDonald's meal while visiting the U.K., this is your chance to give it a whirl. Alternatively, if you want to get the same effect closer to home, try using a store-bought balsamic glaze to dip your fries into or drizzle on your burger.

Sour Cream and Chive Dip (UK)

Sour cream and chive is a classic flavor combination. Creamy and tangy, sour cream pairs wonderfully with fresh, mild, onion-like chives, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. This combination is commonly used in various culinary applications, such as dips, dressings, spreads, and as a topping for baked potatoes. And, in the U.K., it's also a popular McDonald's dipping sauce.

This creamy condiment adds a burst of flavor to McDonald's menu offerings, elevating the fast-food experience with its beloved taste. It captures the essence of sour cream's velvety richness, blending it seamlessly with the delicate yet unmistakable notes of chive. The result is a creamy dip that is simultaneously cool, tangy, and herb-infused.

While it shines when used as a dip for fries and nuggets, it's also great on burgers, in wraps, and paired with basically any other savory McDonald's offering. If you don't live in the U.K., you can substitute any store-bought creamy chive dip when enjoying your McDonald's at home.

Sour Cream and Lemon Sauce (Japan)

Think about some of the flavors and ingredients commonly used in Japanese cooking, and sour cream and lemon might not be the first pairing that comes to mind. However, if you were conjuring up images of bonito flakes and teriyaki sauce, you may be surprised that Sour Cream and Lemon Sauce is an option in Japanese McDonald's. Tangy lemon cuts through the creaminess of sour cream to create a dip that's refreshing and delicious.

It's currently available as a limited edition offering with spicy McNuggets. The freshness of the lemon and the cooling nature of sour cream tempers the spice somewhat, creating a more enjoyable experience. However, as any true McDonald's Stan will know, discontinued and limited edition McDonald's dipping sauces aren't necessarily gone forever. There have been plenty of examples of sauces returning or making their way to other parts of the world, so you might get a chance to try Sour Cream and Lemon Sauce in the U.S.

Smoky Barbecue Dip (UK)

There's always at least one barbecue sauce on the menu at McDonald's in the U.S., but it isn't always a strong offering. Currently, those looking for a barbecue hit with their McNuggets or fries are stuck with Tangy BBQ, one of American McDonald's weaker selections. However, if you head across the pond to the UK, you'll get the option of sampling Smoky Barbecue Dip.

If you're looking for a classic smoky barbecue sauce, this one ticks all the right boxes. It might not win any prizes for innovation, but that's not always what you want when you step underneath those golden arches. It has a perfect blend of sweetness, tanginess, and smokiness that exemplifies this type of barbecue sauce. Chipotle chiles add a faint hint of heat.

While Smoky Barbecue Dip may be exclusive to McDonald's in the U.K., its tantalizing appeal can be appreciated by anyone. The irresistible combination of smokiness and barbecue flavors transcends borders and satisfies cravings for solid barbecue sauce, whatever you want to dip in it.

Sweet Chili Sauce (Germany and UK)

Fans of the limited edition BTS Meal might remember McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce. However, in certain territories, it's a permanent part of the menu. Both in Germany and the U.K., you can get Sweet Chili Sauce (or Sweet Chilli Dip, as it's known in the UK) on any day of the week. This sauce showcases the distinctive taste of chili peppers, which provide a subtle heat that's complemented by sweetness. This combination creates a sauce that adds a flavorful punch to a wide range of McDonald's menu items.

If you've ever eaten sweet chili sauce from a bottle that you might find at a grocery store or an Asian market, you already know what to expect from McDonald's Sweet Chili sauce. The base of the sauce is pleasantly sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. It's studded with chili flakes to bring some heat to the party, but it isn't overly spicy, like hot sauce. There's also a liberal dose of garlic in the mix, making it flavorful rather than simply spicy.

Cajun Sauce (Germany and Australia)

Alongside Sweet Chili Sauce, MacDonald's famed BTS meal also featured Cajun Sauce. This was a more unusual offering than Sweet Chili Sauce (which is a widely available condiment outside of the McDonald's universe) and was a big hit with many. McDonald's knows how to create a sauce that keeps people coming back for more. And this Cajun sauce was no exception. It added that extra zing to the already delicious BTS Meal, making it a hit with K-Pop fans and food enthusiasts alike. In fact, it proved so popular that you can now get it on the regular menu in Germany and Australia.

So, what does Cajun Sauce taste like? It's mustard-based and has a blend of Cajun-inspired spices that kicks it up a notch. Add to that a sweetness from honey and some tang from vinegar and you have something special. While it might not sound like anything worth writing home about, McDonald's delivered a surprising blend of flavors that's way more than the sum of its parts.

Sweet Curry Dip (UK)

Head over to the U.K. and you'll find Sweet Curry Dip on the McDonald's menu. Curry sauce might sound like a left-field choice for a fast food restaurant, but people in the UK have a long tradition of enjoying curry sauce with chips (fries, for American readers). In fact, chips and curry sauce is a delicacy found at chip shops. 

McDonald's version has an added hit of sweetness that comes from apricot puree. The result is sticky, sweet, and delicious, with a slight sharpness from vinegar to balance it out. It's the perfect balance of flavors, with a touch of sweetness that complements the aromatic curry notes. This Sweet Curry Dip has a unique charm that sets it apart from other condiments.

While it's a popular choice for dipping fries into, you can also use this sauce for nuggets, burgers, and anything else that can either be dipped into it or have it slathered on top. There's something about the combination of McDonald's classics with the sweet and savory allure of curry that makes this sauce a standout.

Curry Sauce (Netherlands)

Also known as Kerriesaus where it hails from in the Netherlands, this Curry Sauce is an institution on Dutch McDonald's menus. Like Sweet Curry Sauce that's found on the UK McDonald's menu, this Curry Sauce has a slight sweetness to it, but it comes from apple puree, rather than apricot, which changes the flavor profile. It also has a unique blend and balance of spices to better suit a Dutch audience.

The combination of sweet, savory, and slightly spicy flavors is what makes this Kerriesaus truly distinctive. Whether you're dipping your fries, nuggets, or even your burger into it, this sauce brings a whole new dimension to the McDonald's experience.

Of course, you'll have to go quite a way if you want to try it. So, unless you're planning to head to the Netherlands any time soon, it might be on your wishlist for a while. In the meantime, Japanese curry sauce isn't exactly the same, but it's worth dunking your McDonald's faves into.

Caesar Dressing (Germany and Australia)

If you're a fan of that classic Caesar salad flavor, then you'd be right at home in Germany or Australia. There, you can get McDonald's Caesar Dressing on the menu to use however you like. It might seem strange that such a basic sauce hasn't made it onto U.S. menus, but that's the way the crouton crumbles.

Now, when you think of McDonald's, you might immediately think of burgers and fries, but its Caesar Dressing is definitely worth exploring. It's a creamy and tangy dressing that brings a whole lot of flavor to your food. Naturally, you'll think "salad" when you hear the words "Caesar Dressing" but that's not the end of it. The creamy richness of Caesar Dressing makes it a great dipping sauce for fries and McNuggets, as well as a tasty addition to a burger or wrap.

In Australia, it's known as Creamy Caesar Dressing, while in Germany, it's simply called Caesar Dressing. Names aside, you can expect the ingredients and flavor profile to be much the same.

Aioli Sauce (Australia)

Rich, delicious, and versatile, aioli originates from the northern Mediterranean region, with its roots in countries like Spain, Italy, and France. Aioli is known for its creamy texture and bold garlic flavor. Traditionally, aioli is made by emulsifying garlic, olive oil, and egg yolks. Effectively, it's garlic mayonnaise, so you can understand its wide appeal.

Despite being popular in the U.S., you won't find aioli in McDonald's here — you'll have to go all the way to Australia to try it out. Australian McDonald's serves Aioli Sauce as part of the regular menu, so it's easy for anyone living down under to dip their fries and dunk their nuggets in this delectable sauce. It's also great for adding to burgers and other savory treats. Of course, aioli is easy enough to get in the U.S. but that's cold comfort when you're eating in a McDonald's restaurant or rolling through the drive-thru.

Dip Cocktail (Germany)

Known mysteriously as Dip Cocktail — or Cocktail Dip — this German delight started out as an addition to fried shrimp. This sauce is similar to a standard American shrimp cocktail sauce, but creamier and milder, with no horseradish. It contains tangy tomato paste and vinegar tempered with creamy yogurt, plus added flavor from spicy mustard and celery.

Although fried shrimp appears to no longer be on German Mcdonald's menu, fans of this sauce in Germany can order it on its own, using it as a dip for McNuggets, fries, and all the other great foods at German McDonald's. If you're a fan of cocktail sauce, you might be wondering why fate befell you and why you weren't born in Germany to enjoy this taste sensation. Sadly, that's life, and it doesn't seem like this sauce is likely to come across the pond to the U.S. any time soon — still, you can dream!

Spicy Habanero Sauce (Canada)

Canada might not seem like the obvious home for one of the spiciest sauces McDonald's has to offer worldwide. However, it just happens to be the country where you can find Spicy Habanero Sauce in every McDonald's. If you're a fan of fiery flavors and crave a little extra kick in your fast food experience, this sauce is sure to ignite your taste buds.

McDonald's Spicy Habanero Sauce is a tantalizing blend of heat and flavor that adds a zesty punch to your favorite menu items. This sauce brings a whole new level of excitement to your McDonald's meal.

It offers a little more nuance than the unadulterated heat of hot sauce, however. It also contains mustard, garlic, and chives to boost the flavor and is emulsified using egg yolk to add some creaminess. If you were a fan of the discontinued Hot Habanero Sauce or Habanero Ranch that were available in the U.S., this sauce will be right up your alley.