The $3 Salmon Burger Made With Just 4 Aldi Ingredients

Aldi has long been known for being one of the cheapest grocery stores in town, which is part of what makes filling up one of its pay-for-use shopping carts so fun for many loyalists of the chain. The combination of discovering store-exclusive products and seeing their low prices ring up at checkout might even bring a sort of exhilaration. But, sadly, once the excitement over your budget-friendly shopping trip fades away, you're then faced with the daunting task of having to transform all of those Aldi finds into a meal.

Fortunately, it would appear that there's no gatekeeping within the grocer's fandom. Several members have shared their all-Aldi recipes to the world wide web, including TikTok user @aldiallthetime, who lived up to their name when they shared their recipe for salmon burgers in a video posted in June.

The handheld requires just four ingredients from Aldi: frozen salmon burgers, chipotle aioli, avocado, and brioche buns. The TikToker even provided a price breakdown for the dish, noting that each ingredient for them was $4.99, $2.49, $0.79, and $3.99, respectively. Their entire haul came to just $12.26 (though prices may vary by location) and is enough food to make a total of four sandwiches that round out to about $3 dollars each. What a deal.

How to make TikTok's all-Aldi salmon burgers

With Money Geek reporting that as of 2022, the average price of a burger, fries, and soft drink ranges from $6.55 to over $14, depending on location, the idea of a $3 dollar home-cooked meal is music to our ears. And as if the low cost wasn't enough, they're also extremely easy to make. As demonstrated in the TikToker's video, the first step is to grill the salmon burger. Next, they prep their avocado by mashing it up and seasoning it with salt and pepper, but not before using the easiest avocado pit hack to remove the stone.

Once the patties are cooked, the TikToker begins constructing their sandwich by dousing the bottom half of the brioche bun (which can also be toasted if you prefer) with a dollop of the chipotle aioli. The salmon patty and mashed avocado come next. "And that's it. Serve it with fries, corn, vegetables, whatever," they suggested. In the comments section, many people shared their love for each of the individual ingredients in the sandwich, especially the salmon burgers and the chipotle aioli. Several others expressed excitement to give the budget-friendly meal a try, while one person suggested another potential dinner idea. "Ohhh I would try that with the red bag chicken," one TikToker said.