This Might Be The Easiest Hack For An Avocado Pit

We've all experienced one of those "aha" moments where we discover a hack so ingeniously simple that it can make some aspect of our lives so much easier. Learning how to pit an avocado easily and without using any utensils or dangerous knives is one of those moments!

For many, fresh avocados are a delicacy and a kitchen essential that can add a little bit of heaven to every bite of your meal. This superfood is rich in healthy fats, packed with vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of fiber to add to your diet (via Mayo Clinic). Mix it into a creamy guacamole dip, spread it onto a crunchy piece of avocado toast, or use it to transform a bland salad into an appetizing treat. With so many ways to enjoy and benefit from avocados, this practical tip will become an invaluable tool in your arsenal of chef's knowledge.

Easily pit an avocado with just your hands

Tiktok user @_mynameischo is a sushi chef whose brilliant avocado hack went viral for showcasing just how astonishingly easy it is to remove the pit, all while keeping the avocado and your fingers intact. Skip reaching for the knife and instead place your index and middle finger on either side of the pit as you cradle the back of the avocado with your thumb. Then simply push with your thumb to pop it out. It's really that easy. In the video, he goes on to describe how to scoop out the full flesh of the avocado in one fluid motion. This makes it easier to slice and eliminates the need to peel away the skin.

And there you have it. Pitting an avocado is no longer a scary ordeal, and the risk of potentially taking a trip to the emergency room for using a knife is removed entirely. What's the next delicious avocado recipe you're going to try this method on?