Aldi Red Bag Chicken Fans Need To Join This Facebook Group

On May 27, 2020, the Aldi Red Bag Chicken Facebook group was created. Now, it boasts a reasonably active community of over 12,000 members. The group's stated purpose is to share photos of dishes made from Red Bag Chicken (RBC) — a fan name for Aldi's Kirkwood brand frozen breaded chicken fillets — share where they found it, and gush over its flavor. Conversations range from people buying their first RBC to queries about recipes to general postings about their love of foodstuff. Today spoke to an Aldi spokesperson, who expressed the grocery chain's pleasure over the phenomenon: "While we aren't biased to one product, we love seeing how much shoppers love the 'RBC,' the community it has created online and the countless recipes fans are creating and sharing."

Even before the official fan group began, corners of the web were salivating over the frozen chicken. Aldi Reviewer raved about the extraordinary flavor of the RBC, though noted that high amounts of cholesterol and sodium in the product does relegate it to treat status for them instead of pantry staple.

Aldi's RBC is a coveted product

Besides reveling over the fact that Aldi's Red Bag Chicken tastes a lot like Chick-fil-A, posters on the Facebook group also often share that their local Aldi stores have sold out of the product. Part of the reason for this lack of frozen chicken could be blamed on the size of a typical Aldi store. As Aisle of Shame briefly mentions in their explanation for how Aldi affords to be so cheap, the chain's stores are smaller than other supermarkets to save on rent and utilities — meaning there is not a large freezer full of RBC waiting in case a rush comes.

The bigger issue plaguing Aldi's RBC supply, however, could be the fans of RBC themselves. Aldi Reviewer laments the issue of the "Aldi superfan." Like Aisle of Shame, Aldi Reviewer comments on how Aldi likes things to run predictably, especially knowing just how much stock is needed to meet demand. When Aldi fans understandably hype a beloved food product, like the Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets, more people descend upon these items than Aldi has expected, leading to the freezer shelves being consistently bare. Some may suggest that Aldi should simply stock more of the RBC to meet demand, however it's possible that Aldi has figured out that guessing how much to buy to stay ahead of unpredictable hype is too much of a headache — after all, this would hurt their cult-like efficiency.