The Foil Trick For Making Perfectly Shaped Cookie Cakes

Cookie cakes blend two classic desserts and can be molded to fit nearly any occasion. These treats can be turned into hearts for Valentine's Day, stars for the Fourth of July, or even numbers for a birthday party. Of course, getting the shape right requires effort. Thankfully, #FoodTok has discovered a hack that ensures homemade cookie cakes are perfectly shaped.

Most bakers have had the experience of cookies swelling in the oven and becoming blob-like. This ruins their appearance, and in the case of cookie cakes, it can put a damper on a holiday or occasion. Cutting off uneven edges is a tedious task, and the result doesn't always look as clean as it should. That's why many people use pans to bake cookie cakes, forcing the dough to stay in its intended shape, whether it's a circle or something flashier.

Not everyone has a pan on hand, but there's another way to get the desired design. Thanks to a viral TikTok hack, anyone can make cookie cakes worthy of a professional bakery — and all they need is a common household item.

How to get perfectly shaped cookie cakes without a pan

TikTok user @designeatrepeat posted a video revealing the trick to creating perfectly shaped cookie cakes with nothing but tin foil. To start, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then draw the outline of their chosen shape. Once this stencil is complete, fill it in with the dough. This may require a bit of kneading, but it's easier to shape the edges before putting the cake in the oven than after.


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Once the cookie cake is in the right shape, a strip of tin foil should be placed around its edges. The foil will function like a pan, holding the dough in place and maintaining the cookie's form. This hack works for regular cakes, too, though the batter could make things messier. 

After the cookie cake is finished baking, minimal to no repair will be necessary. Bakers can simply decorate it with frosting and proudly place it on the dessert table. This hack alleviates the stress that comes with reshaping a cookie after it's out of the oven. It makes life easier for anyone throwing together a last-minute cookie cake (though those who make them regularly should save themselves the time and effort and invest in a pan).