Pancake Bread Is The Easiest Way To Elevate Breakfast Sandwiches

Whether you need a convenient breakfast on the go or something different for brunch, a breakfast sandwich hits the spot. You can then create your own signature breakfast sandwich combinations. It all starts with the right bread, in this case, pancake bread. If you are a pancake lover, you just might think pancake bread is the best thing since... well, sliced bread. Imagine the fluffy, slightly sweet taste of pancakes but in the form of a convenient sliceable loaf.

You only need two boxes of pancake mix, a loaf pan, and water to make it. Useless water than you would if making pancakes. Around ¾ of a cup should do for a loaf made from two boxes of mix. Mix the batter, pour it into a loaf pan, and bake. While you can use regular pancakes to make breakfast sandwiches, this version allows for a more convenient shape, and you can cut it thicker for a sandwich that holds together.

Of course, you can also make it from scratch using your favorite pancake recipe. Just decrease the water. Some people add brown sugar and cinnamon for a streusel-like flavor. This variation is a little like Trader Joe's popular pancake bread, which blurs the line between pancakes and coffee cake. The best thing about the breakfast sandwich is you can improvise by using your favorite brunch ingredients as the filling.

What's in your sandwich?

Once you have a loaf of freshly baked pancake bread, you may wonder what to use as a sandwich filling. Whether you prefer sweet or savory flavors, just about anything that goes well with pancakes, breakfast, or brunch works. Or you can go rogue and come up with something completely different. 

If you want to stick with the savory brunch classics, you can't go wrong with egg, cheese, and your favorite breakfast meat or vegetables. The pancake bread elevates the breakfast sandwich into a convenient handheld brunch. If you want a plant-based option, a tofu mushroom scramble with your favorite seasonings might delight. If avocado toast is your go-to, you can take it on the go by putting sliced avocado, pepitas, and even a fried egg in your sandwich. The options are nearly endless once you start thinking about your favorite meals. 

Those with a sweet tooth may draw inspiration from their favorite pancake toppings or crepe fillings. For example, if you enjoy Nutella crepes, you might make a pancake bread sandwich with Nutella and banana slices. Even an old-school peanut butter and jam sandwich is appropriate.