Starbucks' BLACKPINK Collab Has Us Looking At Plane Tickets

Starbucks' BLACKPINK collab has us looking at plane tickets [UPGRADE]

It's no secret that the four fashion queens of BLACKPINK became some of the biggest names in K-pop after debuting in 2016. The popular girl group's adoring fans (affectionately called Blinks) are on top of the stars' new music releases and upcoming shows, always getting the inside scoop on exciting band news. Fans are buzzing about an exclusive collaboration with Starbucks, an announcement that the coffee chain's Asian Pacific branches teased in early July. Starbucks has announced its official BLACKPINK launch will happen on July 25. A potentially disappointing part about this collab is that American Blinks might not be singing "BLACKPINK in your area" about getting their hands on the limited-time collection.

This isn't the first time the K-pop idols have worked with Starbucks to promote a line of merchandise adorned in their signature black and pink colors with sparkles galore. In 2021, a dreamy collection called "Spark in You" was revealed, featuring sleek tumblers, bags, pouches, and adorable bear keychains sporting different outfits to match the singers' personalities. Fans were ravenous for the unique BLACKPINK merch, and even though purchases were limited to one set per customer, locations like Starbucks Thailand sold out in mere minutes. Recently, the coffee chain released a list of items available during the promotion, including an all-new BLACKPINK-inspired frappuccino flavor.

The new Starbucks BLACKPINK drink is unsurprisingly on point

Nednapa Srisamai, the managing director of Starbucks Thailand, says the 2021 "Spark in You" BLACKPINK campaign was "inspired by BLACKPINK's journey to stardom," and it "celebrates young people's talents and determination." Starbucks aims to infuse its 2023 BLACKPINK line with the same wholesome energy, including all-new drinkware and accessories that are even fancier than before. In all its glory, the new collection will feature six cute accessories, 11 drinkware products, and a new, frothy BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino. The pink-hued beverage is infused with treats such as strawberry syrup, oat milk, and dark chocolate sauce, completing the group's iconic black and pink palette. It's even topped with pink whipped cream and decorated with the group's signature heart symbol. 

If the new Starbucks summer merch isn't doing it for you, maybe this more expansive product line will. Bedazzled tumblers, enamel keychains, cold cups, a pink and black mug, and an apron are among the assortment of charming designs pictured in the 2023 BLACKPINK promotion. This playful Asian Pacific launch embodies the beloved girl group's lively energy and charisma. Based on past successes such as its Taylor Swift collaboration and BTS campaign earlier this year, hopefully, Starbucks be stocking up even more this time. The global beverage chain will be making Blinks very happy while supplies last.