Carolina Reaper Coffee Just Sounds Like A Bad Idea

From vegan oat milk lattes to the simplicity of a plain black cup of joe, there is no wrong way to enjoy your morning coffee. However, there are some rather curious and sometimes questionable concoctions that defy expectations, like Carolina Reaper coffee. Roasty Buds, a daring coffee company known for its adventurous flavors, has taken the concept of coffee to thrilling new heights. While it offers beans infused with flavors like chocolate and cherry, it also offers customers spicy coffee blends. Among its many offerings, the XXXtra Insane Spicy Roast stands out as the hottest of the bunch, infusing the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper with rich cocoa coffee beans.

The Carolina Reaper, known for its fiery reputation as the world's spiciest pepper, brings a new dimension to the coffee experience. It's a bold and audacious choice that challenges the taste buds of those seeking an adrenaline-pumping caffeine fix.

While it might work for some, drinking coffee infused with Carolina Reaper pepper can result in an overwhelming and intense spiciness that may be too much to enjoy. People with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues may experience discomfort when consuming extremely spicy foods or beverages. Combined with coffee's natural acidity and the intense spiciness of the Carolina Reaper, you may end up taking some not-so-adventurous bathroom trips. Plus, the intense spiciness of the Carolina Reaper can overpower the natural flavors of the coffee, making it difficult to appreciate the nuanced notes and characteristics of the beans.

The art of tasteful spice in coffee blends

One coffee connoisseur and thrill-seeker on TikTok called the concoction "the weirdest coffee you've ever seen" during his review of Roasty Bud's downright daunting coffee blend, adding that it burns the throat after swallowing. YouTubers Whole Brain Coffee also gave the blazing coffee a try, and while one judge said he's tasted spicier Caroline Reapers in his time, the other just called the blend "kinda stupid." 


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Although Carolina Reaper coffee isn't exactly a culinary triumph, there are some tasteful ways to add spice to your morning (or evening) cup of coffee. The experts at The Coffee Fanatics suggest adding gentle spices like cinnamon, cardamom, anise, saffron, and ginger for a quietly spicy kick. These delicate spices won't over overpower the flavor of coffee beans. Plus, they won't burn going down, or leave you running to the bathroom with a cramping stomach.

If you do want to try the Caroline Reaper coffee, we're not here to yuck anyone's yum — food is all about exploration. Roasty Buds also offer subtle spice blends like their hatch chile and Texas BBQ blend.