EPCOT's 2023 Food And Wine Festival Menu Has Us Salivating

Walt Disney World visitors love coming to EPCOT theme park to eat through its annual Food and Wine Festival, which features a wide selection of interesting international dishes. This beloved festival has played a role in the park's emphasis on human culture and innovation since it began almost 30 years ago. 

This year, hungry guests can wander through over 25 global marketplace booths set up at the World Showcase and feel like culinary adventurers as they sample globally-inspired dishes that span six continents. This year is also a big deal for Disney, as the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 

EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival opens on July 27 and runs until November 18. Familiar favorites like Japan, The Fry Basket, and The Alps booths will return to the World Showcase with all-new menu items. However, some popular eats from previous years seem like they won't return this year, like The Swanky Saucy Swine, Mac & Eats, and Appleseed Orchard. Instead, four new stops will be coming to the festival, although these are slated to open later in the fall. Disney World recently announced its festival menus as a guide for what you can expect, including its intriguing anniversary additions.

What to expect at EPCOT's 2023 Food and Wine festival

Whether you bring your appetite to EPCOT or work one up while exploring the park's attractions, the small portions served at the 2023 Food and Wine Festival will maximize your chances of trying multiple international specialties. 

In the fall, Disney will introduce its four new festival stalls: Char and Chop, Wine and Wedge, Bubbles and Brine, and Swirled Showcase. The names of these eateries might clue you in on what menu items you can expect. For example, roasted porchetta and grilled meats are on the menu at Char and Chop. Wine and Wedge's offerings are for fans of charcuterie boards and artisanal cheeses. Bubbles and Brine serves alcohol and seafood pairings at its stall, like jumbo shrimp with a prosecco-based cocktail sauce. If you try them all and still have room for dessert, Swirled Showcase will hook up your sweet tooth with floats, soft serve, and other unique frozen desserts.

There are a few food-centric experiences you won't be able to enjoy until August 15, like Kālua pork sliders at Hawaii and a mushroom-infused bowl of pork ramen at The Noodle Exchange. Otherwise, your stomach will have free reign over the rest of the festival from day one. However, if you can't make it, keep another event on your radar: The park is following up its Food and Wine Festival with another food-centric event, EPCOT's International Holiday Festival.