Barbie Movie-Themed Foods Ranked Worst To Best

Recently, Margot Robbie, who plays Barbara Millicent Roberts — better known to most of us as just plain "Barbie" — took Architectural Digest viewers on a tour of the set of the "Barbie" movie. The tour gave "Barbie" fans an inside look at Barbie's Dreamhouse to see the slide down to the pool, the little pink monkeys that hang on the side of Barbie's house, and most excitingly for us foodies, a look at Barbie's kitchen and inside her fridge. True to form, as if it was designed by Mattel itself, the fridge comes complete with fake plastic food in the door and foodie decals at the back. It's a visual delight for anyone who has ever played with Barbie and her faux food and cooked dinner in Barbie's deluxe dream house kitchen.

Part of Barbie's journey in the film takes her from her fake food in her fake fridge to the real world, and while the trailers don't address how she responds to real food, we can tell you that real food plays a big role in the promotion of "Barbie" the movie. Food manufacturers, ice cream shops, hamburger places, and more have lent their spoons and sugar shakers to the promotion efforts. Naturally, we wanted to jump on the food cart, too, and give all of you our take on all the food-related "Barbie" movie tie-ins that have hit the market, listed from worst to best.

Proper Sweet Popcorn

Barbie has a mean resume that includes stints as a doctor, an astronaut, and even a movie star, and now she has her own live-action movie. You know what that means — movie snacks, like popcorn, at her very own movie premiere. Fortunately, Barbie and her fans won't have to look far for gourmet popcorn since the Proper snack company in the U.K. jumped on the "Barbie" bandwagon with its rollout of "Barbie"-branded popcorn.

Its new Sweet Popcorn snack sports hot "Barbie" pink branding on the bag and a promise of a trip to California for a lucky doll-loving contest winner. But even those who don't win big can still live in the "Barbie" world. Londoners are invited to hang out at Proper Corn's temporary pop-up shop — get it, pop-up? — called the Corn-er Shop, where they can enjoy some of the branded popcorn and live the good "Barbie" life. And for those who'd like a quieter take on the whole experience, they might be able to enjoy "Barbie" popcorn at home once the movie eventually hits streaming. It's got the making of a poppin' good time.

Burger King's Barbie Burger

So far, there isn't an official American version of a "Barbie" burger in the realms of foodies or movie-marketing products. However, in Brazil, Barbie has her very own burger available at Burger King in South America's largest nation.

The burger — offered as part of "Barbie"-themed combo meal — comes topped with a pink sauce, cheese, and bacon bits. It's not the most visually appealing entry on our list — hence the relatively low ranking — but we're led to believe the "smoky" pink sauce tastes much more like a traditional burger flavor than it looks. The combo also comes with a side of Ken's potatoes, and who would ever turn down a side of Ryan Gosling? Hopefully this promotion goes well in Brazil and "Barbie 2" comes to fruition — in that scenario, American "Barbie" fans might be able to partake in a similar campaign. After all, why should Brazil get all the pink cheeseburgers?

Barbie Donut Shake

Some foods lend themselves to "Barbie" pink better than others; we'd say that milkshakes and donuts slathered in pink frosting fit the bill nicely. It's even better when those two items hit the table at the same time. 

In Brazilian Burger Kings, not only do pink shakes and donuts live on the table simultaneously, but they also inhabit the same space. That is, the strawberry Nesquik-infused vanilla shake gets its own donut that hangs around its straw neck like an old-fashioned 1970s hula hoop. "Barbie" fans can order the shake and donut, called the Barbie Donut Shake, aka Shake da Barbie – one very sugar-laden but yummy "Barbie"-themed dessert — as part of the "Barbie" combo meal. Alongside the "Barbie" burger and Ken fries, that makes a very pink, very "Barbie" meal, indeed.

The deal started on July 12th ahead of the July 21st premiere of the "Barbie" movie in Brazil. "Barbie" lovers in Brazil should get it while the getting's good because, like most of the promotions on this list, the "Barbie"-themed offer lasts only a short time, then this combo goes back to the imaginary realm of Barbie Land. 

Barbie donuts at Krispy Kreme Philippines

When you're deciding "the best of" anything, it's sometimes difficult to quantify where an item should land in the overall ranking ... but not this one. "Barbie" donuts at Krispy Kreme Philippines are getting all kinds of kudos from the company's Instagram account, with comments ranging from "Please increase your production. It's always sold out here," to questions about the availability of these little beauties here in the States. At the moment, Krispy Kreme's "Barbie" donuts are tragically not for sale in the U.S. 

But for Krispy Kreme customers and "Barbie" fans in the Philippines, these promo donuts are just the first floor of the Barbie Dreamhouse. Fans can collect "Barbie"-related swag like cute hardbound "Barbie"-themed notebooks and "Barbie"-colored accessory pens to go with them. They can also keep a record of their best "Barbie" life by taking a photo of themselves at their local Krispy Kreme in the "Barbie"-themed photobooth-style store accessories. They'll be living like the "Barbie" bosses that they are, complete with tasty treats to fuel up their lives in Barbie Land.

Swoon Barbie Pink Lemonade

Parties by the plastic pool at the Barbie Dreamhouse are always improved by some pink lemonade, and fortunately for Barbie and guests, a certified Swoon-worthy pink lemonade exists that fits right into Barbie Land. Courtesy of Swoon, this Barbie-themed lemonade has been rolled out just in time for summer and for the premiere of the "Barbie" movie.

While the pool at Barbie's house may be plastic and fake, the impetus behind Swoon Lemonade is anything but. The founder of Swoon, Jennifer Ross, faces challenges with type 1 diabetes, so the lemonade created by Swoon has no sugar. It's just plain sweet fun without the sugar spike.

But this Swoon and "Barbie" collab does more than make drinking a cool pink lemonade on a hot day possible. Swoon said it will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Barbie's Pink Lemonade to Mattel's Dream Gap Project. This global initiative offers girls the leg-up they need to pursue their fondest wishes and great ambitions. The initiative gives money to charities each year — to the tune of $250,000 — to help the next generation of "Barbie" lovers live their best lives.

Krispy Kreme Cotton Candy Chiller

For many people, "Barbie" equals bubble gum and cotton candy dreams, and Krispy Kreme in the Philippines is helping "Barbie" fans play out their own "Barbie" foodie fantasies by offering them its Cotton Candy Chiller as part of the chain's "Barbie" collection.

Like any piece of Barbie swag worth its salt, this blue-and-pink drink offers plenty of sweet cotton candy flavor, plus a whole lot of glitter and sparkles to brighten even the dreariest of days. Barbie lovers can enjoy the candy-flavored treat alone or with some of Krispy Kreme Philippines' "Barbie"-themed donuts. They're all part of Barbie's best day ever, and in Barbie's world, today is the best day ever. And so is tomorrow, and so is every day until forever, and we're pretty sure that all those best days include more than one of these sweeties to brighten everything just a bit more.

All That Glitters is Pink

It's difficult to imagine Barbie without all her glitter and sparkles, and apparently, we're not the only ones who think so. As part of the "Barbie" movie promo, Cold Stone Creamery is carrying a new flavor of ice cream called All That Glitters is Pink. This special ice cream's ingredients read like a carnival ride of goodies. A generous helping of pink cotton candy ice cream gets dressed to the nines with graham cracker pie crust, whipped topping, and dance party sprinkles. This party-in-your-mouth offers a sweet cotton candy flavor and lots of interesting textures to make it fun to eat and delicious to the very last "Barbie" bite.

It's also the kind of special treat that you'll want to order in the large size if you want to immerse yourself in the full "Barbie" experience. You can order the treat in the store's smaller sizes; however, only the large size comes with the special "Barbie" commemorative cup. Better yet, the big cup is enough to share with two people — great for a Barbie-and-Ken-style date before seeing the flick. The creamery will carry the special flavor until August 8th, 2023.

N!ck's Strawberry White Barbie-themed ice cream bar

How do you make an already-known, already tasty ice cream bar even better? Why, you attach the name of Barbie to it, of course. Ice cream bar makers in the U.S. haven't pounced upon this idea as of yet, but one manufacturer in Sweden has. The item in question is called the Strawberry White flavor, and with healthy portions of strawberry sauce marbling its way through vanilla ice cream and wrapped in a candy shell of white chocolate and strawberry bits, we bet it's very tasty, indeed.

Given that Barbie's signature colors are pink, pink, and also pink, with maybe just a bit of white thrown in for contrast, this cool, sweet treat seems like a match made in "Barbie"-marketing heaven. All it needed to completely live in the "Barbie" world was a movie to go along with it, which it obviously has now. Like some of the other entries on this list, this "Barbie" treat doesn't exist in many places around the world, so we'll just have to ask our Swedish friends to eat a few of these delicious bars in our stead.

Barbie Land Berry Pink

This "Barbie"-themed dessert twirls like Barbie's skirt during a dance party, and it comes to "Barbie" fans exclusively through Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt. A mix of dragon fruit and strawberry flavors, the Barbie Land Berry Pink frozen yogurt treat gets a topper of Barbie Dream Sprinkles — think miniature pearls, pink tube-shaped sprinkles, and little stars — and you've got the right idea. It's cool and sweet and ever so swirly.

But Pinkberry's "Barbie" promos don't stop there. Aside from offering fans this fruity swirl number, Pinkberry rolled out its own "Barbie"-related contest for the movie's release — the Best Bundle Ever contest. As many as 10 lucky fans could win a prize package, which includes four Fandango movie passes, a $50 Pinkberry gift card, and "Barbie: The Movie" swag, like caps, tote bags, and beach towels. For frozen-yogurt-lovin' "Barbie" fans, this looks like the building blocks of a whole Barbie cosplay movie-going experience. It's all kinds of swirling good fun, starting with a palate-cooling dose of frozen yogurt.

Best Cake Ever

Anyone who has ever played with the Barbie Dreamhouse knows that Barbie's fridge is stocked with plenty of fun, yet totally inedible plastic foods like boxes of orange juice and fully decorated cakes. While fans can't live in the Barbie Dreamhouse with its open-face design and dream decal fridge full of non-food, they can head on over to Cold Stone Creamery to enjoy a real Best Cake Ever. 

It's basically a party on a plate. Its description includes layers of yellow cake wrapped in pink cotton candy ice cream. Dance party sprinkles floating in white fluffy frosting, plus a cute little "Barbie" insignia on top, make this an entirely fun cake to consume. And speaking of fun, this cake is fun-sized, so you don't necessarily need a bunch of friends around to help you eat the whole thing. Incidentally, "Barbie" cake is a hot commodity in the "Barbie" community on Instagram. Searches for the term "Barbie cake" come in at almost 150,000 per month.

Barbie Dreamburger Bundle

If you've seen photos of the "Barbie" movie or watched its trailer, you'd be hard-pressed not to think that Margot Robbie perfectly embodies Barbara Millicent Roberts. She's the quintessential all-American girl ... except she's from Australia. We bring all of this up because we're kind of jealous that one of the best examples of "Barbie" foodie fun comes not from some American hamburger food chain, but rather, it rolls out in Robbie's native Australia at the restaurant chain Grill'd. For most of us, an ocean separates us from this primo-looking "Barbie"-inspired food.

In any case, the "Barbie" Grill'd tie-in is called the Barbie Dreamburger Bundle, and it's a whole meal deal, right down to the burger's positively pink bun and mayo. Other ingredients include juicy beef, charred pineapple, lettuce, fresh avocado, and a slice of tomato. It also offers hints of Spanish onion and a smidge of tomato sauce to make this the Australian version of the Best Burger Ever. Non-meat-eaters have the option of asking for vegetarian and vegan options. Let us not forget to mention the serving of fun fries, pink mayo dip, and Raspberry Sodaly drink, or the "Barbie"-branded box.