You Should Check The Recall Section Of Costco's Website More Often

Foodborne illnesses affect 48 million United States residents each year, and as many as 3,000 actually die from complications that stem from them. Many people trust the news to inform them of recalls on such products, but it can be hard to keep track of every single news update. That's why Costco offers an entire section on its website dedicated to recalls. This is especially important because consumers buy products in bulk at the store, so if something is considered unsafe, it could affect an entire stock of items.

Luckily, Costco's return policy is rock solid. If a purchased item is recalled, the company will usually refund you in full or offer a replacement for what you bought. This is still true even if the item is food you've already eaten some of. To return food to Costco, you can either return it online or by visiting the Returns Counter of your local store. If you find the online method more convenient, the company will provide a return label to minimize your troubles.

Costco has faced some major recalls

Like many major grocery chains, Costco has been hit with some pretty significant recalls in years past. In October of 2022, the store was forced to pull 148,000 pounds of chicken from Foster Farms after it was discovered that the cooked chicken breast may contain plastic particles. Another serious issue occurred in 2017, when the service deli, which is responsible for producing sandwiches, chicken, shrimp, and others, was affected with a salmonellosis outbreak. This resulted in seven cases of the infection at a Costco location in Washington state.

In November of 2015, 19 people were infected with E. coli after consuming Costco's chicken salad. Two of these individuals reported kidney failure, with a total of five being sent to the hospital. The victims were between the ages of five and 84.

By being aware of Costco's recall website, you might be able to avoid foodborne illnesses. It's also important to note that no grocery store is exempt from these problems, so keeping your eyes peeled for news may be vital to your safety.