Yoo-Hoo And Absinthe Is The Cocktail Your '90s Self Deserves

Combining Yoo-hoo and absinthe might just make the perfect cocktail recipe for a blast from the past. No need to adjust your glasses — you read that correctly. A new way to pay homage to the '90s has arrived on the scene, and while it may sound ... well, disgusting, this trip down beverage memory lane is anything but. Most of us sipped on a Yoo-hoo or two in our youth, so why not make this chocolatey treat a little more appropriate for our grown-up selves?

From the classic chocolate martini to various chocolate bourbon drinks, there's no shortage of creamy cocoa cocktails at our disposal, so it's really no surprise that there's a way to add some 21+ vibes to a good old-fashioned can of Yoo-Hoo. What is actually surprising about this cocktail, though, is the juxtaposition of this simple can of "chocolate drink" and a particularly sophisticated adult beverage. This cocktail doesn't use chocolate to drown out vodka's bite or to combine with a warm liqueur like others might. Instead, it pairs Yoo-hoo with absinthe in a uniquely-flavored drink — and it's a surprisingly perfect pairing for your favorite childhood memories.

Inside the Absinthe-Crag

It's safe to say that the Yoo-hoo and absinthe cocktail took a bit of experimenting before it was brought to life. Said experimenting is all thanks to John deBary, a journalist, author, and self-proclaimed "bar expert." Earlier this year, he released his second cocktail recipe book, "Saved by the Bellini & Other '90s-Inspired Cocktails." Among the nostalgic mixed drinks within the pages is a cocktail he calls the Absinthe-Crag. The unusual name is a reference to the Aggro Crag, a mountain featured in "Nickelodeon GUTS," a series that ran on the popular kids' network from 1992 through 1995.

In his piece for Bon Apétit all about the Absinthe-Crag, deBary said that you can use any type of absinthe for the cocktail, but he recommends Pernod. (And don't worry, absinthe can't really make you hallucinate.) As for the rest of the drink, the recipe is actually quite simple. Using a shaker, he mixes 4.5 ounces of Yoo-hoo with 1.5 ounces of absinthe. He shakes the ingredients together with ice for 20 seconds before straining the cocktail into a chilled glass. deBary recommends using a cocktail coupe. 

Yoo-Hoo and absinthe have a history

According to John deBary, this unique combination of flavors wasn't just a work of culinary genius, though this certainly had a little bit to do with it. Instead, deBary took some of his inspiration from history. In the 1990s when Yoo-hoo was at its most popular, a French spirits company called Pernod Ricard owned the beloved chocolate drink brand. This company, of course, also makes Pernod Absinthe. deBary was intrigued enough by this unexpected combination of brands and its uniquely 1990s-centric history that he decided to pair them together just to see what kind of drink they'd actually make. 

Despite its unique reputation and the myriad myths about absinthe that many of us have always believed, it's actually a delicious spirit with a licorice flavor — and licorice and chocolate are a classic combination. So, while the playful, childlike nature of Yoo-hoo seems contradictory to absinthe's extra-adult reputation, when you get down to the roots of these drinks? They're a perfect match.