You Should Be Adding Pesto To Jarred Alfredo Sauce

You're probably made a few of the common mistakes people make with homemade Alfredo sauce. Sometimes, opening a jar is just more practical, so it's a great item to have on hand. However, you might still want to spruce it up. One ingredient that can upgrade jarred Alfredo sauce is a little bit of acid in the form of lemon, vinegar, or even white wine. Fresh herbs are also a game changer. Even better, add pesto to your rich Alfredo sauce. 

Pesto has roots that reach back to ancient Rome. While there are many varieties of pesto, the classic version is made with basil, pine nuts, and olive oil. This popular spread can also be purchased ahead of time since it can be found in most grocery stores. 

While pesto makes a great condiment, it's also often used as a sauce on hot or cold pasta. Mixing pesto with creamy spreads, such as hummus or butter, can add an instant flavor pop and herbaceous brightness. That's why it works perfectly with Alfredo sauce.

Why pesto and jarred Alfredo sauce make a perfect pair

Alfredo sauce is naturally high in fat because of the butter, cream, and cheese used to make it. While these ingredients are delicious, they can also be extremely rich. Therefore, the fresh herbs and salt in the pesto will cut through the dairy when the two sauces are mixed, creating a unique experience.

Quality olive oil should taste slightly bitter and peppery, which is why it's a staple ingredient in most pestos. Not only does this complement the bite of the herbs, but it will elevate jarred Alfredo sauce by making it deeper and full-bodied.

It may seem like a novel idea, but creamy pesto has been a popular twist on two classic sauces for a long time. This combo works in both directions: Since pesto can have a strong flavor profile, diluting it with fat gives it a milder vibe. You can make a pesto sauce more luscious by simply adding cream, but jarred Alfredo sauce is just as convenient and results in a thicker sauce with a much bolder taste. Together, this duo is distinct, delicious, and arguably better than either sauce is individually.