Mustard-Flavored Skittles Weren't On Our 2023 Bingo Card

Of course, we expect mustard on hot dogs, and Skittles are a great treat when we're craving something sweet on a road trip. However, we were not prepared for a Skittles-mustard mashup. Yet here we are, and Skittles flavored with French's Mustard are now officially a thing.

Skittles and French's separately teased the release with posts on X (formerly Twitter), asking fans to guess what the companies could be concocting. One Tweeter commented on the French's post, thinking mustard popsicles might be the next big thing, while over on the Skittles account, pineapple Skittles was one of the guesses. We think it's safe to say few people expected this combo coming.

Per a press release, French's initiated the collaboration with Skittles as a celebration of National Mustard Day, which falls on August 5. French's has historically created some pretty combinations to celebrate the holiday, including mustard ice cream and mustard donuts, so mustard candy was a natural next step.

Where can you find French's mustard-flavored Skittles?

Have these French's mustard-flavored Skittles piqued your interest? Well, you'd better move quickly because this new candy is only available for a limited time. You'll also have to put in more effort than heading to your local convenience store to get your hands on the fun-sized packets. According to the press release, you can enter to win a packet of French's mustard-flavored Skittles on the French's website through August 5, limited to one entry per person. There will be 7,000 winners. Alternatively, you can head to one of the brand's National Mustard Day events to snag a few packets. The Mustard Mobile will be pulling into Atlanta on July 31, Washington D.C. on August 2, and New York City on August 5.

How these mustard-flavored Skittles taste is yet to be determined. Mars' marketing director Ro Cheng states that the candy's flavor profile "combines [French's] tangy mustard flavor with [Skittles'] iconic chewy texture." It may just be 2023's biggest food surprise.