If You Love Making Jell-O Shots, You Need A Pancake Batter Dispenser

Jell-O shots are a party favorite, combining alcohol with a fun and often festive treat. However, while Jell-O shots are often a hit at gatherings, making large batches of them can prove a daunting endeavor. Fortunately, there's a hack for that. Anyone who regularly makes Jell-O shots should invest in a pancake batter dispenser. This kitchen tool is an efficient way to prepare a large amount at once without making a huge mess.

The toughest part of assembling Jell-O shots is getting the alcoholic mixture into individual cups. These party treats tend to be small, while combining Jell-O mix and liquor typically requires a large bowl. Pouring liquid from that bowl into small plastic cups can lead to spills and overfilling. As demonstrated in a viral TikTok video, a pancake batter dispenser simplifies this process. It only releases as much of the mixture as the user wants — and the cheapest ones cost around $10 to $15 on Walmart and Amazon, making it a cheap investment that can serve multiple purposes. 

Jell-O shot hacks liven up the party

Purchasing a pancake batter dispenser is one way to level up Jell-O shots, but there are a number of other hacks that make preparing and enjoying these treats easier. Cleanly getting the alcoholic Jell-O mixture into the cups is just step one. Ensuring guests can get the Jell-O out of the plastic is equally important. Sometimes, you need to look beyond the original TikTok to truly master a hack.


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Prior to distributing the shots with the pancake batter dispenser, it's a good idea to coat each cup with cooking spray lightly. Cooking spray or grease doesn't sound like the ideal addition to Jell-O shots. However, a small amount should be barely noticeable, especially if the Jell-O shot recipe includes a lot of flavor.

Those wishing to streamline the process of removing the shots can also take advantage of another TikTok hack. This process puts lids on the liquid shots, then cools them upside down. Once they're ready to be served, they slide out of the plastic cup with ease. As such, they can be slurped up right off of the lid. Plus, they can be served upside down on a tray. It's like hors d'oeuvres, only with Jell-O shots.