TikTok Exposes How McDonald's Employees Handle Rude Customers And Karens

By now, anyone tasked with a public-facing job has likely encountered a Karen or two. These rude, demeaning, and entitled customers seem to utilize minimum wage workers as an outlet for their misplaced rage and personal inferiority complex, with extreme malice of forethought, leading to a number of social media users documenting their frustrating interactions with these customers on the internet.

Of course, there are subtle but effective ways to fight back against rude customers, including hitting them where it hurts the most: Their wallet. One technique, humorously described by a McDonald's employee on TikTok, entails ringing up the rude customers' order as a number of separate items, rather than a meal, causing the customer to pay more money for the same items.

Several commenters chimed in with fast food horror stories of their own. One explained their similar methodology for handling rude consumers, stating, "I ain't going to lie I did this once because a woman came in screaming at me for something that happened at a different location." Another user recounted dealing with a drive-through Karen, saying, "Someone was yelling at me on the headset so I filled they whole cup up with pure ICE and little to no soda."

How much could your bad attitude cost you in the drive-through?

Just in case you're one of those people who doesn't believe in saying "please" and "thank you" to the people you encounter in customer service, let's do a little bit of quick math to determine what's on the line when insulting the wage workers that make your fast food lunch a possibility in the first place.


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The example provided in the original TikTok video suggests ringing up two 10-piece McNuggets, two medium-sized fries, and two drinks, rather than two #5 combos, which bundle those exact components together. Prices are subject to change at different locations, but a brief glance at the McDonald's menu states that these items, when purchased separately, come to $11.67, whereas a #5 meal which offers the same thing costs only $10.69.

That's a $1.96 deficit when accounting for the two meals specified in the video, meaning the customer essentially pays for two McDonald's cookies that they aren't receiving, plus tax. While those figures may seem miniscule in the grand scheme of things, it certainly seems like a simple yet effective way to reclaim a small amount of autonomy in the face of a furious Karen.