TikTok's Genius Dough Tip For Using Up Leftover Avocado

Have you ever had guacamole on toast or used it as a condiment for a sandwich, but you only used half the avocado? What did you do with the other half? Some people put it in a container and refrigerate it for their next meal or a snack. Others share it with someone else in the house or make a small serving of guacamole for later. If you're more creative, perhaps you added it to a recipe. 

You can find dozens of avocado recipes on the internet, from avocado egg salad to avocado cheesecake to avocado ice cream, and thanks to a TikTok video, thousands of avocado lovers now know of a few even more creative options.

In the video, TikToker @ballehurns shares a quick and easy recipe for "avocado dough." Simply mix half an avocado with flour, baking powder, and salt together to form a pliable dough, which can be used to make pasta, chips, or flatbread. Many viewers offered praise for the idea, but the ones who tried the recipe were disappointed.

What others said about the avocado pasta

A few followers of the video made the avocado pasta using the TikToker's simple recipe, but the end result left much to be desired. "The pasta turned slimy," one person said. Another had the same experience and said, "It's slimy, but it tastes okay." A third who tried the recipe multiple times added, "Mine only turned to mush every time."


avocado dough

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Other viewers commented on the flavor change of the avocado/flour mixture when boiled. One person described it as "overly buttery" while another described it as "lemony." The video creator claims avocado dough makes a great pasta, but makes no mention of an altered avocado flavor.

Lifehacker advises against cooking avocados for the very reasons mentioned above. The writer describes it as "a slimy, glommy mouth of mush" and added that "the avocado's delicate flavor is muted almost to extinction." As of the time of this article, @balleburns has yet to reply to any questions or comments regarding the flavor and texture of the pasta. So if you decide to try this TikTok tip, we hope yours will turn out like the video.