TikTok Exposed Costco's Unreliable Levels Of Chicken Bake Filling

Among Costco's most popular food court menu items is the delicious chicken bake, which is essentially chicken, cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing wrapped in dough. The chicken bake has been at the center of several controversies lately, including a price increase and its quality allegedly going downhill.

Regardless of whether the Costco chicken bake tastes different now, most of us can agree that the filling in the chicken bake is inconsistent. TikTok user @shophocho user visited several Costco locations to see if it was a store-by-store issue, showing one chicken bake fully stuffed and another only partially filled. He also theorizes that the amount of filling could vary by batch since that particular Costco no longer makes the chicken bake in the food court kitchen and instead produces it off-site.

Of course, this leads us to wonder if it's really the amount of filling that changes or if it's simply that different amounts of air get trapped in the dough while it cooks. This could very well be the case, considering that Costco now receives its chicken bake frozen, and going from frozen straight to the oven can cause bubbling.

Solutions to the half-filled Costco chicken bake problem

Given that Costco's chicken bake now arrives at the store pre-made, we're left with really only two solutions to the filling problem. One option is to use a copycat Costco chicken bake recipe to make your chicken bake at home, stuffed with as much filling as your heart desires.


Replying to @evelynprovencher It could be the 2nd location is on last batch of the "good" #chickenbake #costco

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The second option is to change the way you think about the chicken bake and make a Costco Forbidden Glizzy. In other words, look at the half-filled chicken bake as an opportunity to create something even better. Buy a chicken bake and hot dog, and use the hot dog to fill the chicken bake's air pocket. Perfect fit, right? It's almost like it was meant to be.

Okay, so it's just a happy coincidence that hot dogs fit into half-filled chicken bakes, but that's good enough for us. After all, the chicken bake could already be considered a Frankenfood, so why not raise the stakes with the addition of a hot dog?