Costco's Forbidden Glizzy Will Change The Way You Think About Hot Dogs Forever

As we all know, Costco has countless foods available at its food courts, the most popular including its $1 hot dog and delicious chicken bake. The hot dogs are, of course, Kirkland's finest gluten-free beef hot dogs, while the chicken bake is an amalgamation of leftovers -– pizza, chicken, bacon bits, Caesar dressing, and cheese. A gooey, crunchy, carby dream come true.

Now, if the chicken bake wasn't already chaotic enough for you, there might just be something on Costco's secret menu that'll do the trick. This particular item is so monstrous that you can't technically order it at the Costco food court. Rather, you have to order the pieces and assemble them yourself. If you've spent any amount of time on the internet recently, you know what we're talking about: the Forbidden Glizzy. And yes, it's as terrifying as it sounds. But let's get it over with and dive in, shall we?

What exactly is Costco's Forbidden Glizzy?

If you've been fortunate enough thus far to not know about Costco's Forbidden Glizzy, sorry, that ends here. As it turns out, the nightmare that is the Forbidden Glizzy is composed of the Costco hot dog and chicken bake, one stuffed inside the other. Just think about that for a second. A hot dog, chicken, bacon, and cheese, essentially all stuffed into a calzone. It was already a little weird with the chicken, but to add a delicious Costco hot dog?

Understandably, Reddit weighed in on the Forbidden Glizzy, with many people noting that they only felt comfortable trying this secret menu item within the privacy of their cars. Another person helpfully suggested that, when ordering the components of a Forbidden Glizzy, do so "separately, and with no hints about your intentions." One last piece of information to keep in mind is the price. A Costco hot dog costs $1 and a chicken bake costs $3.99 now that Costco has raised the price, so you can expect your Forbidden Glizzy to cost $4.99. Not a bad price for a monstrous lunch.