Where To Watch The Brand-New Battle Of The Decades

Considering all the popular food hacks and trendy foods we've seen over the last couple of years, it should come as little surprise that they're making their way to our TV screens. Food Network's new show, "Battle of the Decades," pits these food fads against new cooks refining their skills and chefs who have decades of experience.

Premiering Wednesday, August 16, "Battle of the Decades" can be seen on Food Network and affiliated streaming services like Discovery+ and Max. This season includes eight episodes, each an hour long, and is hosted by Jonathan Bennett from "Cake Wars."

Unlike many of Food Network's shows, which typically feature 12 chefs competing as individuals, "Battle of the Decades" takes three teams of two chefs, with the last pair competing against each other for a $10k prize. On top of tackling ridiculous challenges, the teams also have to find a way to tackle generational gaps. We're envisioning Jell-O salad meets TikTok's frozen Jell-O hack.

Battle of the Decades hops aboard the nostalgia train

As you can imagine with a TV show concept involving generationally diverse chefs and food trends, "Battle of the Decades" promises to be heavy on nostalgia. For instance, in the first round of each episode, the teams will have to use kitchen gadgets specific to certain decades, and then, in the second round, they try their hand at our favorite viral recipes. While there's potential for the show to bring forth TikTok's viral chicken goop recipe, we're hoping that particular trend stays on the internet.

In each episode's final round, the two remaining chefs have to cook what Food Network refers to as "timeless classics." We're talking fried chicken, meatloaf, and lasagna — meals we've known and loved for decades or even centuries. Without a doubt, it'll be entertaining (and enlightening) to see how the different generations take on these challenges with their varying skill sets and experience.