Smoked Ice Cubes Take Homemade Cocktails To Another Level

Get ready to shake up your cocktail routine by adding smoked ice cubes to the menu. These ingenious cubes are created by exposing water to the natural smoke generated from wood, such as oak or hickory, through a (what else?) smoking process. The result is ice cubes with a subtle yet distinctive smoky undertone. These game-changing cubes are both sophisticated and very easy to make.

Simply grab some water, pour it into a pan, and place it inside your smoker for a couple of hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to monitor your water level closely. Excessive smoking time or high heat can evaporate the water, leaving only smoke and a warped pan. Once it's finished, carefully pour it into your preferred mold and pop it into the freezer. For your straight whisky drinks, opt for the larger square or ball molds, while smaller ice cubes might work best for cocktails to avoid overpowering flavors.  

Smoked ice cubes are the ideal companions for cocktails, but it's important to consider a few key points. Some liquors already possess a natural peaty and smoky character, making it crucial to decide whether or not you want to double down with some smoked cubes in your Laphroaig, or strike a balance that elevates brighter liquors' existing flavors. It's recommended you start out simple with your favorite Old Fashioned recipe. You can also infuse your smoky ice cubes with herbs and fruits. Just picture a classic mojito adorned with mint and lime ice cubes, with a smoky twist. 

Various ways to smoke your ice cubes

If you don't have a smoker but still want to craft those enticing smoked ice cubes, rest assured: It's possible. Enter liquid smoke — a controversial yet intriguing option, liquid smoke offers an alternative route to infusing your ice cubes with that smoky essence. A recommended ratio of 1 cup of water to ¼ teaspoon of liquid smoke should suffice. 

You can also easily turn your grill into a makeshift smoker. Start by soaking your wood chips; this ensures they burn evenly and don't simply go up in flames. Once the chips are ready, add them to your charcoal grill when the coals are at low heat. You can even add ice cubes to the pan to smoke while they melt and then freeze them again. You can experiment with various types of wood to adjust the flavor of your cubes, with something sweeter like apple or cherry, or the full savory and smoky wallop of hickory.

And if smoking water sounds like too much work, you can simply buy it. Yes, bottled smoked water is available. While this bottled water might not be your go-to after a Pilates session, it can be a unique addition to soups, stocks, mashed potatoes, and even your ice cubes. So, get smokin', and once you have your smoky ice cubes, you can add them to your smoked cocktails, for the full flavor experience.