Why Is DiGiorno Only Giving Consumers 100 Pineapple Pickle Pizzas?

DiGiorno's latest creation has adventurous pizza lovers seriously excited, but only a select few will get the chance to try it. As pickles continue to trend all over social media this summer, DiGiorno noticed the viral pickle pizza recipe that has TikTok up in arms. Pickle lovers are down with the extra salty pie, while pickle haters are seriously disturbed. One TikTok user laments, "[A]nd I thought pineapple on pizza was bad." Inspired by the controversy, DiGiorno's is putting pizza fans to the test with a combination of pickles and pineapple. On Twitter, the pizza company revealed its plans to "[merge] two of the most divisive pizza toppings into one delicious 'za," creating a limited edition Pineapple Pickle Pizza. The sweet pineapple chunks and tangy pickle chips are split down the middle on either side of DiGiorno's newest pizza, laying on a bed of garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Starting September 5, Digiorno will be giving away the Pineapple Pickle Pizzas on their website, where fans can enter for a chance to win. Normally, the idea of free pizza would have us jumping for joy, but according to the press release, only 100 pizzas will be given to lucky winners. This small number really puts the "limited" in "limited edition," especially considering the mass popularity of the pizza brand and the amount of buzz surrounding the pickle pizza trend. While giveaways are great, seeing the exciting new pizza on shelves would be even better.

Pineapple and pickle lovers would totally buy this pizza

DiGiorno is no stranger to giveaways. In the past, the company has given away free pizzas during the Super Bowl and donut pizzas during National Donut Day. It's even done a "Cry Pie" pizza giveaway, featuring a pizza topped with different varieties of onions. However, the pineapple pickle pizza doesn't just sound like gimmicky fun or a cute photo op for your Instagram. We are pretty sure that consumers would pay for this limited-edition pie so more pizza enthusiasts could decide for themselves whether they are team pickle or team pineapple.

While the initial shock of a pineapple pickle pizza might seem too jarring for mass production, closer investigation shows that the pairing might be embraced by more people than you'd think. One survey conducted by Cinch Home Services found that over half of those surveyed admitted they enjoy pineapple on pizza. Another study by Statista states that nearly 75% of Americans regularly consume pickles. People have also been known to purchase limited-edition foods just for the sake of trying them. Some extremely popular influencers and entertainers have made names for themselves by eating outlandish food combinations. We're sure the Mythical Kitchen creators are cooking up their own version of Digiorno's pineapple pickle pizza as we speak. Sadly, until DiGiorno realizes that there are quite a few fans who would happily pay for this controversial yet ingenious flavor combination, we will have to live vicariously through the lucky 100 winners of their giveaway.