The Truth About The DiGiorno Donut Pizza

You may have heard of pizza bagels, and even donut burgers, but have you heard of pizza donuts? Thanks to frozen pizza brand DiGiorno, pizza donuts are now a reality (via Hypebeast). Cleverly named "The DiGiornut," the creation is a sweet and savory hybrid of a donut and a pizza, and it's quite possibly DiGiorno's most raved about innovation since their 2020 creation of the croissant crust

Though at first glance you might assume the DiGiornut is a glorified pizza that's simply shaped and decorated like a donut, DiGiorno assured customers that the essence of the donut is definitely present in more ways than just appearance. DiGiorno revealed that their new creation was a donut stuffed with mozzarella cheese, finished off with DiGiorno sauce, cheese, and classic pizza toppings. It's hard to imagine a donut filled with anything other than cream or jelly, but apparently, mozzarella is a tasty option too. The DiGiornut is clearly made for those who love both sweet and savory, both pizza and donuts, or really anyone who's ever eaten leftover pizza for breakfast. Unfortunately, it isn't widely available, so you won't find it in the frozen pizza section, at least for the time being.

Where can you get a DiGiornut?

"Currently, The DiGiornut is only a limited-time promotional item," a DiGiorno spokesperson told Food and Wine. It was rolled out as part of a Twitter sweepstakes on National Donut Day in June 2021, making it available to only 10 lucky winners. However, due to the overwhelming attention it received from those eager to try it, the DiGiorno spokesperson confirmed, "It may be something we explore again in the future."

Though DiGiorno hasn't revealed any specific plans for the DiGiornut, brand manager Kimberly Holowiak hinted that it's bigger than just a one-time sweepstakes. "At DiGiorno, we like to push the boundaries of what's possible for pizza, and the DiGiornut is something we've been dreaming about for a while," Holowiak told Bake Magazine. She also acknowledged its potential as a fan favorite item, but left her comment open-ended, saying, "At the same time, we've seen out of the box thinking from our fans on social media." While it might seem "out of the box" for DiGiorno to start selling pizza donuts, the brand has made room for 78 different varieties of pizza over the years (via Eat This, Not That), so it seems like a pizza donut would fit right in.