DiGiorno Will Give You Free Pizza For Field Goal Doinks During Super Bowl 2023

Though February is often a cold, icy, and dreary month for many people, there's excitement in the air. Who cares if it's snowing, sleeting, and oppressively dark outside when there's football to watch? Even for those who aren't actually sports fans, football might be exciting because it leads up to one of the biggest snacking days of the year: the Super Bowl. From wings to nachos, popcorn to chili, there's food for everyone to enjoy at a fully-stocked Super Bowl snack table.

But if your favorite game day snack is pizza, and you happen to be on a budget, then it's probably been a rough football season. Pizza chains like Domino's and Papa John's were feeling the pressure of inflation over the summer and were forced to raise prices (via Yahoo! Finance). Saving money by skipping delivery wasn't even as cheap as it used to be because frozen pizza prices were affected by inflation too. They cost 18% more year over year as of August 2022, according to Food Business News. So much for a cheap snack that everyone in the family likes. But Digiorno has plans to give a morale boost to pizza lovers on a budget this Super Bowl Sunday, and it all depends on doinks.

Keep an eye on the doinks

For pizza lovers watching the Super Bowl this year, it's all about that doink. No, that's not a new Meghan Trainor song. It's an instruction for those who want to win free pizza. This year, DiGiorno is going to reward fans with free pizza if a team doinks during the big game (via a press release). What's a doink? It's when the football is kicked and bounces off of the crossbar or upright bar of the goalpost instead of cleanly soaring through. Fans can enter to possibly win a coupon for free pizza between February 4 and 12 on DiGiornoDoinks.com. Perhaps they will have a chance to count double doinks and the fabled quadruple doink (via BarDown).

The possibility of a doink happening seems a little more likely than the game going into overtime so you can win free wings at B-Dubs — which is to say the chances don't seem not very good at all. According to an email sent by DiGiorno, there have been three in-game doinks in total over the past 10 years. Still, it's free to sign up for a chance to win, so there's not much to lose. And who knows? Maybe this is the sort of potential reward that could entice even the most ambivalent football fans into actually paying attention at your Super Bowl party ...  leaving you to enjoy the snack table without competition.