This Fall, Even Your Trash Can Smell Like Pumpkin Spice

We've never really understood the whole deal with scented trash bags. Unless you have a super clean kitchen where the only items that go into the garbage are rinsed-out cans and flattened cardboard boxes, there's a 100% chance your trash is going to smell like, well, trash. Still, if you line the can with a perfumed plastic bag, at least you'll get a brief whiff of pleasant odor each time you put a fresh one in. Now that the weather is thinking about cooling off a bit and the calendar is creeping toward September, it's time to start thinking about switching out that summery lemon-scented trash can liner for one with a more seasonal scent such as ... pumpkin spice?

Yep. Hefty, a brand perhaps best known as the favorite trash bag of both John Cena and his mom (as well as that "Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!" chant your brain is no doubt shrieking out now), has come out with pumpkin spice-scented kitchen trash bags. Not just regular pumpkin spice, either, but cinnamon pumpkin spice, which does seem a bit redundant since pumpkin spice's flavor typically comes from a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. Still, maybe the trash bags are meant to smell extra cinnamony.

Here's where you can (maybe) get your hands on these bags

If you want to make sure that your kitchen trash is autumnally appropriate, you may need to act pretty quickly. According to Hefty, the bags should already be available in stores right now (albeit with "limited distribution"). The brand suggests you check the shelves at Albertson's, Giant Eagle, Target, and Walmart, among other retailers. If you don't see any bags in stock, though, there's a chance you're already too late. These pumpkin spice trash bags first came out last year, but they were only offered online and the entire stock was reported to have sold out within 3 minutes.

So, will pumpkin spice trash bags be this fall's must-have kitchen accessory, too? Since the product was apparently pretty rare, there aren't too many reviews out there. We don't know for sure, but we will venture a guess that much of the run may possibly have been purchased by collectors who kept the bags in their boxes instead of using them to actually line trash cans. The fact that Redditors reported seeing them listed on eBay for up to $150 is another indicator that the bags may have been a pretty hot commodity in September 2022. This just goes to show that one person's trash (bag) can indeed be another person's treasure.