The Unexpected Fast Food Item TikTok Star Jordan Howlett Doesn't Enjoy Eating - Exclusive

When it comes to fast food secrets, Jordan Howlett is the go-to source for his more than 10 million followers on TikTok. He gives tips on how to get discounts at chains like Subway and reveals things like why McDonald's Sprite tastes different than other versions or what ingredients Five Guys uses to make its delicious fries. Howlett told us in an exclusive interview that he has this type of insider knowledge because he previously worked in the fast-food industry for more than a decade.

With that experience under his belt and the type of content he creates, the California native has tried a lot of different types of cuisine. Howlett has a lot of favorite meals, but when it comes to a fast food item that he's not crazy about, he admitted it's the spuds from a favorite West Coast eatery.

"I'm very vocal about the fact that In-N-Out fries are very good if you eat them immediately when you order them because they're hot — those are good," he said. "But In-N-Out fries have the shortest lifespan in regards to being good until they're not."

He said In-N-Out fries don't stay good for long

Jordan Howlett explained that he does enjoy noshing on an In-N-Out burger, fries, and a drink all together in one sitting if they haven't sat out too long. But after that point, all bets are off. "You have probably 10 minutes until they're not that great anymore," the social media star said. "If I wait too late, say 20 minutes after I order them, I can't even do it. It almost makes the meal not that good because I want the fries to be hotter, and the reheating is a bit tough."

On the flip side, when it comes to a fast food meal that Howlett can't get enough of, he's very decisive. "My go-to fast food order has to be the Epic Cali Burrito from Del Taco," he said. "Instead of carne asada, do chicken — ask for the chicken Epic Cali Burrito. There's nothing crazy. There's no secret to that. But it is probably one of the best burritos I've had."

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