Dubai's Rhain Restaurant Serves Up Gold Steak With A Side Of Theatrics

Known for its glamorous lifestyle, upscale shopping centers, and the tallest building in the world, Dubai is one travel destination that's dripping with luxury. Even the food sparkles with opulence, especially at the Conrad Dubai hotel's Rhain Steakhouse. Just opening the menu would be enough to send any frugal traveler into a blurry tailspin after taking a gander at some of the most outrageously priced menu items, most of which are in the triple digits. The restaurant's consistently great reviews reveal that with its high prices comes high quality, even in the entertainment department. Here, the chefs, waitstaff, and performers all work hard to pull out all the stops to make this fairly new restaurant one its guests will remember.

Leaning heavily on providing the ultimate fine dining experience, Rhain Steakhouse features live dinner shows complete with its own DJ, singers, flashy dancers, and five-star service as guests sample the tasting menu. You even get an additional side of theatrics when you order the golden Wagyu beef steak, priced at a cool $895 and shimmering with an outer layer of 24-karat edible gold. Even the Wagyu burgers come with the option to glitz up the meat with some fancy gold trim. When served, the steak is presented to its new owner with a brief, captivating show where a whole squad of people deliver it to the table safely locked within the confines of a fog-emitting suitcase.

The golden steak comes with its own secret service

The idea behind Rhain Steakhouse's mini-show is that you and your bedazzled steak are high profile enough to warrant an elite task force of guards to protect it with their lives. Guests are delighted when the waiter presenting their golden Wagyu slab busts into the room with an entourage of camo-wearing, gun-toting bodyguards charging toward the table to open the briefcase. Out pours a plume of fog from a bit of dry ice magic, and the waiter lifts the shining steak out of the cloud and sets it down before them. We imagine it's a thrilling few seconds, especially in the initial adrenaline rush you get before you realize what's actually happening.


Looking for a unique experience while in Dubai? Order the gold steak! They'll put on a whole show to bring it out to you, and the steak actually tastes great! Actually, everything we ordered tasted pretty good. The service was excellent as well. 10/10! 📍: Dubai Restaurant: @rhaindubai #fypシ゚viral #travelreels #traveltiktok #dubaitiktok #thingstodoindubai

♬ Just Wanna Rock – Lil Uzi Vert

Even if gold-covered steak seems unnecessary, you can't fault Dubai's Rhain Steakhouse for striving to dazzle and entertain guests from start to finish. Only a few menu items get the Midas touch, but everything else sounds equally as deluxe. Fresh seafood such as lobster or prawns and pasta-based Italian food are some other fancy eats to choose from, along with a wide selection of meats that guests can watch the butcher prepare in-house. The restaurant can seat up to 155 people, and there's often a lot going on in every direction since the space is so huge. Even if it doesn't feel intimate, taking that first luscious bite into your gold-laced steak after having it ceremoniously rushed to you probably will.