Costco's Gelato Macaron Sandwiches Are Aisle-Rushing Worthy

As diehard dessert fans already know, many beloved Costco items have disappeared in 2023, including ganache-filled cookies, chocolate-covered strawberry popsicles, and Via Emilia Italian gelato macarons. Fortunately, as recently posted on Instagram, it seems that Costco has stocked a new product similar to the Via Emilia favorite — gelato macaron sandwiches.

These new treats come in a 16-pack that costs about $15.79 depending on location, working out to about $0.98 per macaron. Each box contains eight chocolate macarons with chocolate gelato as well as eight raspberry macarons with vanilla gelato and raspberry syrup swirls. Talk about an upgrade from your typical ice cream sandwich, right?

Understandably, Instagram users had mixed reactions to Costco's latest frozen dessert, with some loving the macaron flavors. Others, however, expressed disappointment in the ingredients, particularly wheat flour, as French macarons are often made instead with almond flour. One person noted that, as someone following a gluten-free diet, they would sadly not be able to eat these gelato macaron sandwiches.

How do Costco's new dessert sandwiches compare to the earlier version?

Of course, people are going to draw comparisons whenever a store brings out a newer version of a fan favorite. Costco's new gelato macaron sandwiches are no exception, with shoppers immediately comparing them online to the Via Emilia predecessor.

For instance, many macaron fans were interested in trying the new dessert sandwiches until they saw the price. While the 16-pack sells for about $15.79, the earlier Via Emilia treats cost about $13.49 for a 24-pack — essentially $0.56 per sandwich. The latter also included six flavors as opposed to just two. We're talking pistachio, sea salt caramel, hazelnut, lemon, raspberry, and chocolate, versus just chocolate and vanilla with a dash of raspberry.

Via Emilia's Italian gelato macarons are still listed on the company's website, but it's unclear as to where the desserts can actually be purchased, if at all. In the meantime, there are plenty of macaron delivery services that are more than happy to provide you with high-quality macarons — if Costco's current batch doesn't suit your fancy. You just might have to combine macarons with your own gelato at home, though.