Beloved Costco Items That Disappeared Already In 2023

There's so much to love at Costco. You always hope your favorite products are there to stay, but nope. Every month, the warehouse retailer makes decisions about what to move off the shelves in order to make room for new items. When it's a beloved item or an item you can't find anywhere else, the blow from the loss is even more profound. Already in 2023, we've had some harsh shocks with the disappearance of some of our favorite items.

If you haven't noticed before, Costco adds a death star of doom (an asterisk) in the top right corner of a shelf label to indicate that the product will disappear soon. Axed products may come back again next year if they're just seasonal or if customers revolt. But, often, this symbol marks the death knell for a product. There have been a few gasp-worthy exits from the store in 2023 as beloved products have dropped out of rotation. We hope you don't see any of your favorites here, but we're afraid that you might.

The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake

If you didn't have a Cheesecake Factory nearby, Costco had been one of the places you could still get a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Even if you had one of the restaurants known for its desserts nearby, Costco's was still a better deal ($17 for a whole cheesecake vs. $57 at the restaurant). At one time, you could get both the plain type and a variety pack at the store. They reappeared after a short absence in 2022 much to cheesecake lovers' delight, but they're gone again in 2023. They were marked as heading out the door in January, and now, they're nowhere to be found.

We suspect the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake won't be back this time since Costco's bakery cheesecakes are so good. Redditor u/devilsbard calls the store brand "delicious, inexpensive, and highly addictive." Some people like them enough to have even used them as their wedding cake. So, while Cheesecake Factory cheesecake is good, it has some serious competition from Costco.

Godiva ganache-filled chocolate chip cookies

Godiva ganache-filled chocolate chip cookies were an amazing Costco find while they were available. The box contained 32 cookies that were ready to pop into the oven and bake. So, you'd not only experience cookies with yummy Belgium chocolate but also fresh-from-the-oven cookies. The serving size was one cookie, which had 180 calories and nine grams of fat. It was so delicious. Some Costcos had them in refrigerated cases, while others had them in the freezer section. Either way, you could just put a couple in the oven at a time to make them last longer or bake the whole boxful at once.

These chocolate cookies were on their way out in January 2023, and we're hoping they'll make a seasonal winter return sometime when freshly baked cookies are best. They were so good that some stores were selling out of them when they were available.

Nutty & Fruity chili tamarind bites

Nutty & Fruity chili tamarind bites are a delicious candy that is sweet and brings a little heat from chili peppers. Customers who like the tangy flavor of tamarind candy were thrilled to see these on the shelves. Redditor u/niftyjack explained the flavor to the uninitiated as tasting "like a tart cherry crossed with an apple." The reaction to this treat was overwhelmingly positive, and one Redditor called u/DisciplineRegular771 said that the "Costco version is the most addictive version of tamarind candy I have ever had." A few, though, said they thought it was too sweet and lacked the spice level they expected.

If you were upset when these snacks left Costco at the beginning of 2023, you'll be happy to know that you can often find something similar at Mexican and Asian supermarkets as well as online. Be prepared, though, as they likely won't be as cheap or good as they were at Costco.

Crunchmaster multi-grain 6-seed baked crackers

If you have been searching for Crunchmaster multi-grain baked crackers for a while, the reason you can't find them is that they got the ax in January. These crackers contain some familiar seeds, including sesame, flax, chia, and quinoa. However, they also have amaranth seeds and millet seeds, which you might not be as familiar with. Fourteen crackers have 140 calories and five grams of fat, so they make a healthy treat all around. Costco sample distributors paired them with chipotle sauce, and they're good with cheese too. Despite being thin and crisp, they're still sturdy enough to use for dipping.

These crackers fit a variety of dietary niches since they're mainly made with rice flour and seeds. They are gluten-free and vegan, and they don't contain any GMOs. While you can still find these online from places like Amazon, they're a little pricey and in some instances come broken.

Royal Asia coconut shrimp with sweet Thai chili sauce

Costco's Royal Asia coconut shrimp with sweet Thai chili sauce was a big hit before it was marked for goodbye in January. Costco has had a few Royal Asia products, including these shrimp and some spring rolls. However, it doesn't appear to carry anything by the brand now. This product came with two pounds of coconut-encrusted shrimp you could crisp in the oven or air fryer and dip in sweet Thai chili sauce. There were eight servings in each box, and each four-ounce serving (including sauce) was 390 calories and 24 grams of fat. However, the box only came with three individual sauce packets, which didn't make for easy distribution.

Redditor u/chewb0rka thought they were among "the best frozen Costco products for the air fryer." Meanwhile, Redditor u/Costcofdb said they had a "similar taste and texture to the Kirkland Signature panko breaded shrimp but with added coconut."

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger plant-based patties

The popularity of Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers depended on what you were looking for in a burger. If you're one of those who can't eat fatty red meat because of dietary restrictions like high cholesterol, alpha-gal syndrome, or gout, finding a plant-based burger that tastes like beef might be thrilling. Some others, however, found that veggie burgers that have the taste and texture of real meat were too realistic, and they tended not to be big fans of Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers.

If being realistic was what you were searching for in a meatless burger, you've probably been looking in vain for these burgers to return to Costco shelves. However, they were marked for deletion back in January of 2023. While Beyond Burgers are similar in flavor and texture to real hamburgers, most people can still tell a difference. If it's been years since you've had a real hamburger, though, it might fool you.

Via Emilia Italian gelato macarons

Forget regular ice cream sandwiches; macarons and gelato are a match made in bakery and ice cream heaven. Costco had been selling Via Emilia Italian gelato macarons for a while, but they started disappearing in February of 2023. The 24-pack represented nearly all the best macaron flavors. Hazelnut and pistachio were the nut flavors, raspberry and lemon were the fruit flavors, while sea salt caramel and chocolate were the candy flavors. You could eat two of these for just 100 calories and 5 grams of fat. They made for a great after-dinner treat.

Customers liked these frozen macarons stuffed with gelato better than the just-okay and overly sweet Tipiak French macarons you could find in the refrigerated section of Costco. Redditor u/veryhatcat went as far as to call this brand "f***ing amazing." We're waiting impatiently now to see what Costco does to replace these macarons.

Chocxo dark chocolate almond butter cups

If you found Chocxo dark chocolate almond butter cups on sale for about half price in March of 2023, you might have rejoiced -– until you realized they were leaving the store. Each creamy cup was only 80 calories and 5 grams of sugar. Plus, these treats were organic. While Chocxo does have some keto-friendly products, these have cane sugar included in the ingredient list. That sugar count is low, though, when compared to the overly sweet Reese's cups still available at Costco, which have 22 grams of sugar per 1.5-ounce serving.

Luckily, you can still find the Chocxo candy online at places like Amazon, and they come in a variety of flavors like dark chocolate coconut and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Unfortunately, the bag you get through Amazon is a lot smaller and more expensive than the one you could get from Costco.

Simple Mills honey cinnamon Sweet Thins

Another snack that started leaving Costco in March of 2023 (and even earlier in some stores) was Simple Mills honey cinnamon Sweet Thins. Redditor u/danstecz said these taste "like a spicier cinnamon honey Teddy Graham." They are also a gluten-free treat, being made from seed and nut flour. One of the ingredients you'll find in Sweet Thins is a little surprising. Along with cashews, sunflower seeds, and flax, you'll find watermelon seeds on the flour blend list. They also use rosemary extract and sea salt as preservatives instead of chemicals. Redditor u/BeautyAndTheBeet said, "These are so good. I would have never guessed they were grain free." That's a pretty tall boast for a sweet snack cracker.

The good news is that if you miss them from Costco (or missed them altogether), you can still find them. They're available for around $5 at both Walmart and Target.

Suja Mighty Dozen cold-pressed juice

March 2023 also marked the end of the line for Suja Mighty Dozen cold-pressed juice at Costco. The "mighty dozen" inside this juice is largely veggies like celery, spinach, cucumber, kale, and collard greens. Apples and lemons are the representatives from the fruit category. This juice also has barley grass powder plus chlorella algae and spirulina. Peppermint tea, spearmint tea, and ginger provide flavor. The apple is likely what makes this juice sweet (each serving has 12 grams of sugar).

An anonymous Redditor who followed the Reboot With Joe diet said that this juice "tastes like a Mean Green [Juice] and cuts out all the prep." Except, it has far more ingredients to add to its nutritional content. When you factored in the cost of all the ingredients separately, this bottled juice was also a better deal. If you happen to have a Sam's Club membership, you can still find this Suja blend there.

Raymundo's caramel flan

A yummy dessert that was scheduled for departure in March of 2023 was Raymundo's caramel flan. Raymundo boasts on its packaging that it's "America's #1 Flan." The package contains a dozen 200-calorie flans that you can eat at your leisure. It's sort of the same concept as mini pudding or Jello cups, so it's easy to pack for lunch. Each mini dessert contains 30 grams of sugar per serving and 38 grams of carbs. Those numbers are in line with the nature of flan; it's a sweet custardy dessert. Since it's a mass-produced flan, it doesn't quite taste like homemade. However, it's available right away instead of you having to spend time on the whole flan-making process.

Some customers say that this flan is a little eggy, but overall it has positive reviews. At least one reviewer thought it has a better flavor than Señor Gusto caramel flan. Luckily, you can still find Raymundo's flan at Costco's competitor: Sam's Club.

Pepper's Landing lobster rolls kit

The beloved Pepper's Landing lobster rolls kit disappeared from Costco in the spring of 2023. The kit came with enough lobster meat to make four sandwiches using brioche rolls, lobster butter, and a spice packet. You had to cook the lobster on the stovetop and toast the bread, so it required a little effort. Since it came with butter instead of mayo and the instructions involved heating the rolls, they were Connecticut-style rather than Maine-style lobster rolls.

Redditor u/Ongmama-0615 said, "This is our favorite frozen food from Costco! Very tasty and, in fact, I would prefer this from restaurant lobster rolls." Some Costco customers relayed that they were nervous about trying them because the kit was expensive ($43). However, $40 is about the going price for a single lobster roll at some places in New England, and some lobster rolls sell for about $22 apiece in L.A., so you were getting a good deal.

Jonny Pops chocolate dipped strawberry pops

Another beloved item that disappeared from the frozen food aisle in the spring of 2023 was Jonny Pops chocolate dipped strawberry pops. Jonny Pops prides itself on using extremely simple ingredients. One side panel of the box boasts that these frozen treats contain chocolate, strawberries, cream, filtered water, cane sugar, and salt. However, the official ingredients list on the box shows that they also have guar gum, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, coconut oil, and soybean oil. Still, that's a pretty healthy ingredient lineup.

Customers find these to be tasty and not overly sweet. In fact, they're so tasty that they tend to disappear quickly when they're on grocery store shelves. If you're sad that you can't find these at Costco anymore, you may be able to find them at your local Target (along with other great flavors) as long as rabid fans haven't beaten you to them already.

Noosa finest yoghurt

If you're a fan of Noosa yogurt, we're sad to say that it began its egress from Costco in April of 2023. It used to be available in multi-packs of flavors like blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, and lemon. Customers liked it because it was preservative-free, extremely tasty, and creamy, and it contained real fruit. As it was leaving the store, it cost $10 for a 12-pack, which is an excellent price for Noosa. The cheapest you can usually find it elsewhere is around $0.98 for 4.5 ounces instead of the $0.83 per tub price Costco had it.

While it's a really good-tasting yogurt, people tend to only splurge on it, opting for cheaper yogurt brands instead. If you start looking at the label, you'll realize that it has as much or more sugar than leading brands like Yoplait, making it more like a dessert. One consumer reported mixing it with equal parts of Greek yogurt to cut back on sugar but still enjoy the taste.

Pizza Roncadin sopressata bacon & mushroom pizza

Another beloved Costco item that started making an exit around April of 2023 was the Pizza Roncadin soppressata bacon & mushroom pizza. You could eat one third of this yummy meat-based pizza for 380 calories. Plus, it comes in a box of three. They're imported from Italy, and the sauce tastes more like red peppers than tomatoes. The toppings are premium-quality, with the crust tasting more like sourdough than ordinary, boring crust. Its stand-out ingredients and flavors made customers feel that it was among the best pizzas Costco has offered.

Costco doesn't seem to have any Pizza Roncadin pizzas anymore, but Sam's Club still has some flavors (just not this one). Redditor U/OnFirst has tried a lot of the different flavors and said, "My favorite is the Salame Piccante and Pepperoni Pizza, [while] the Sopressata from Costco and the Margherita Pizza are tied for second place."

Siete almond flour tortillas

Siete's claim to fame is producing non-grain Mexican products. However, the results tend to be even better than the company's grain-based competitors. Even the founder's grandma confessed that Siete tortillas are superior to her own homemade wheat-flour-based ones she'd been making for years. That's high praise if we've ever heard it. So, it's not just people with gluten sensitivities who are missing Siete almond flour tortillas since they started making their exit from Costco in May of 2023. They were also vegan-friendly.

Tortillas aren't the only grain-free products that Siete makes. The company even made it to the No. 1 spot on our list of best grocery-store tortilla chips. Plus, the company has branched out to other items like Mexican wedding cookies, which have also been big hits. Luckily, you can still find Siete products (including the almond flour tortillas) at regular grocery stores like Walmart.

Yasso Greek mint chocolate chip yogurt bars

When some customers noticed the death star on the Yasso Greek mint chocolate chip yogurt bars In May of 2023, they knew they'd needed to start stockpiling. An anonymous Yasso lover on Reddit said, "They're so good oh my god sometimes I have a box of them as a meal." Redditor u/Bicyclewithdaisies said, "I have a huge problem with the mint chip ones. I honestly can't get enough."

Yasso mint chocolate chip bars may be a seasonal offering at Costco, so there's a chance you could see them come around again if you're patient. However, you can find them year-round at other stores like Walmart. However, they only come four to a box in contrast to Costco's 14-pack box. The mint chocolate chip variety seems to be a customer favorite among Yasso's yogurt bar varieties. Although, fudge brownie is popular, too. Really, you can't go wrong with any of the flavors.

Sconza lemoncello chocolate almonds

Costo's amazing Sconza lemoncello chocolate almonds barely waved goodbye as they started walking out the door in May of 2023. This product is a seasonal one that gets snatched up quickly once people have sampled it because these mini treats taste like a creamy lemon pie. Redditor u/Oneiric19 calls these white chocolate and lemon treats "insanely addictive," while Redditor u/louis1666 called them "horrendously delicious." Redditor u/CryptoVigilanteMT said, "Had sample. Ran from store before impulse buy. They are good." However, if your self-control betrays you and these tasty lemon-flavored treats actually make it home with you, they won't last long. You can't stop yourself from going back for more, so it's probably a good thing they're not on the shelves year-round.

While you're waiting to find these again, you can pick some up online on Amazon. However, some customers think the lemoncello almonds in the bulk bin at Sprouts are even better.