The Halloween Drinking Game That Hopefully Won't Lead To A Super Scary Hangover

Come Halloween, nearly 25% of Americans will attend some sort of spooky holiday celebration, complete with food, drinks, and games. And what better way to celebrate than turning drinking into a game?

Drinking games have a long history, and they can be structured in so many ways. But if you want to show off your Halloween knowledge, you can't go wrong with a trivia game. For example, you can create a Jeopardy-esque board with various questions pertaining to the history of the holiday, scary movies, and even iconic celebrity costumes.

As for the drinking aspect, your party guests can decide whether the rule will be to drink when someone gets an answer wrong, or when someone gets an answer right. Hey, you could even drink for both, if you want to whip up a Jell-O shot recipe with a couple different flavors –- might we suggest an orange "pumpkin" shot for correct answers and a green "slime" shot for incorrect ones? Of course, for family-friendly parties, you can also make non-alcoholic Jell-O shots.

All sorts of ways to sip away the Halloween holiday

Trivia isn't everyone's cup of tea (or in this case, plastic cup of vodka-infused Jell-O), so we've got another fun Halloween drinking game that's a bit more laid back. First, pick a seasonally appropriate movie, such as the classic "Hocus Pocus." Next, whip up a batch of our homemade Sanderson sister shots.

You'll want to create a list of phrases for your party guests to keep an ear peeled for. If watching "Hocus Pocus," for instance, guests should listen for mention of the Sanderson sisters, Binx, or spells. Each time one of these items is mentioned, guests should take a shot.

Just as with the previously mentioned Jeopardy-esque drinking game, this game can also be made more family-friendly, both in choice of movie and the drinks available. As noted above, you can always serve non-alcoholic Jell-O shots or even just some spooky green Hawaiian Punch. Bonus points if you make eyeball ice cubes for the punch. Whichever route you choose, always party responsibly.